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And I guess we all here would like to say thank you to you,for creating it! <3
Uwooooooh!! I squealed like a total fangirl I am! Zeus is my favorite!
D'awwww!! <3
Demeter <3
Uwoh~ OAO I think I'm in love
Bingo! 8D

Amphi looks amazing <3
OHMIGOD, I so very much love you,miss Zelda! <3

And yees! I'm so glad for Po and Po ( double Po pair 8D )
I demand a Zeus MYth story as well!!!! T ^T
Uwah! OAO Talk about unpredicted turn of events! 8D

I know where Poseida got her ramen hair from! 8D
Why,you smexy Zeus,why do you have to be so hot? >3<

And =O Two identities!! Oh,my!

*breaks finger while pressing the "next" button*
*pats Hermes*
Hades needs to get some sleep =A=

squeels at Thanatos

Long time no see,hottie! 8D

Puppy didn't die! I'm sure of it! He had a surf board 8D

*hugs Po really really tight*

"It's dead".

Why do you have to be so beautiful? >3<
And I always believed in you! 8D
I have no words to say. This left me speechless.

Goodness gracious, this page is so beautiful! OAO
This page gives me those teary chills QAQ