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Hi, Im Radiant The Light.

Im new here in Smack Jeeves, and new at sprite comics.

I've got pretty good ideas thought. However, untill I get Photoshop CS2, the comics may look a kinda sucky.

I still only have a comic :P.


If you like Mugen, im pretty sure you will like my Youtube acounts:

I hope you enjoy my comics... :)
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Kay I'll send a intro to see if I can be in but... fryday only. I'm grounded... lol
I dont have the Bad Sprite problem anymore.

I'm not going to update this comic.

I COMPLETLY changed my character, my backstory and I have way bigger projects in mind, like my RPG.
Is there any way I can be in?

Ignore my avatar, I'm not a sonic fancharacter anymore.
Please give me autorization to upload plz
I wan't to be in this "comic", but first I need my new sheet fully done...
Weeeeird... Hostly, I dont like it, it have to many colors.
You should continue this, it have intersting story and good battles.
It looks really good, keep it up.
I thought when Silver Fox achieves that form it becomes even stronger than the Undertaker, but now it/he have been defeated by Omega...
There's goin' to be a big blast hehe.
What's wrong with goku?!
Who cares if they're recolors? They look cool. lol
Yep, the sprites are kinda sucky. I started creating my main sprite without shading to much and now I have OVER 200!!! Poses in Radiant+Infernal Radiant Sheet.
Well, thanks :)
Ans now Radiant and Kanjimaru joined the... what was the name?... Anyway, stuff are going to change alot from now on.

New characters, new backgrounds, new plotline, etc...
Thanks, I think I'll start uploading It again tommorow
Plz, someone give me authorization to add comics.
I want to add comics, ad me plz