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'Sun meets Moon' is a story my sister and me started back in summer '06. It came to it's end in '09. Trough the years we improved our art skills and we developed the characters. For 3 years of work the story became very long. It is not suppose to be read in one time. That's why it's devided on parts.

The Sun meets Moon story and all the comic pages are made by me and my sister :D

Ok, bye now! ^___^
Hey! I'm happy to see you keep up your great work! Sadly my days of drawing long stories are far gone. Maybe because of lack of time or maybe my inspiration changed into something new. But I miss it.
:) Take all the time you have to! A good story needs it! ^_~
December 26th, 2013
Hey there! Merry Christmas! I wish you a magical winter! Keep up your amazing art! A lot of inspiration and success in 2014! :)
Hehe, welcome! THANK YOU for still doing this awesome comic! :)
I'm thrilled to know what will happen next!
One of the many things I love about Hemlock is that no one is entirely good or entirely bad. (well maybe tristan is all good but he is cute that way! ^^)

I think Sindri considers Lumi as an ally even though they are not that fond of eachother. But the alliance between them is very fragile.
Nothing is certain, and that (among many things) is what makes the story so interesting!

Stop blocking her light, dude...geez :)

Loving it so much! Keep it up! ^_^
November 18th, 2012
the first frame is beautiful! really cool emotion and details. :)
I also love the design of the doors! Carry on!
September 16th, 2012
hhahahahhaaha so coooool! I loved this page! ^_______^
Loving those pages! You're regaining speed ;) Can't wait to see what the dinner will be like!
I'm really happy to see you updating! :) I love your work!
Wow I really loved that transition from one world to another :) Really beautiful!
Wooow it looks so different than the usual pages :))
Yay I'm so happy I could see you at MCM expo and I got signed copies of your wonderful comic! :) I was a bit overexcited then and didn't made much sense hehe ^__^' Ah thank you so much for the autographs ! :)) Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration for me! :)))
Cool pages! It's getting more complicated this story :)

Yes, actually, if everything goes well, I'll be at MCM expo. I really hope to see [AND BUY!] your comic there. :)))
Oh my god, it's been ages!
I'm so glad to see you update! :))
I missed your wonderful work...
ah it's been ages indeed. i hope everything is perfectly fine with your working thing (the thing you've been busy with, I forgot what it is sorry) :) I would love to see more of the story! Keep it up, i know you will!
Good luck with your degree!
I will wait as long as I have to cuz with your comic it's always worth it!
all the best!
Hey! Just stoping by to say I'm still here! Sorry for the long silence, I've been really busy!
Wonderful work as usual! Keep it up, I know you will!
Well, I don't understand what's happening but I guess when I see the next page I'll get it! ^_^'
this picture is really beautiful!
happy new year to you too and keep up the good work!
@yeah, me too.I guess most of people just do everything in the last second! hehe
Pretty colors! :)
Happy holidays to you too! Have a relaxing vacation!
Hehe what a great idea for a competition! :) The prize sounds so awesome that I may join in although I'm so lame at naming characters ( my current comic is a living proof hahah)