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Poor Zoshi.. I would love to see Kea hug him just once already!
That Illuminati book in the last panel, lol.. x"DDD That kicked me out of my chair.. xD
@Lemon Cake: Sorry, but no. :D Actually, in my animated banner editor, there is an option called 'Fade to Gray'. I was using that and thought it would be a great comic title. x)

@Arkanus: Maybe. :D It depends only on your imagination. ^^
Speech Bubbles
Ahahaha, finally I found some speech bubbles.. of course, I haven't completed my wishlist yet, but don't worry, once I'll have a full set of everything I want.. xD
So, here is the new page. I promise, on the next page you'll see more not just her room and face.. :D
And I wanted to say something..
Oh yes!
O - M - G!!!
It's 3:29 am here!! Why can't I stop, when I still can get enough time to sleep? T_T
Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Sleeping for 2 hours? Mwahaha fair enough! At least, I don't have time for nightmares..x"DDD
Well-well. The first page of chapter 'The End'. Let's see what's going on here. Hahaha It's a little confusing, isn't it? Don't worry, after 100 pages, you can't tell once I was a beginner hahahaha. :D
Reborn of my little baby-comic FTG! :D
Yes, I'm back. Yes, I really update randomly. Yes, I'm crazy today.

And the next pageeeee....
I'm working on it! :D
My first cover!! Should I bow or something? :D It's so cool and all, and.. okay-okay, I know. It's just a cover.
The FIRST cover.
Isn't it special? Just a little?
Okay-okay, I'm going now, don't have much to say.. :D
Bye-byeeee! ^^
Training Ground Part IV
End of the Prologue and this time I have to say goodbye to my lovely Training Ground!
I'm going to miss you so much, TG! T_T

Anyway, I'm still not a pro, so sorry. :D I'm going to ask Santa to bring me some experience for Christmas. ^^
Should I write a letter or.. is there anybody out there who knows his e-mail adress? O_O
Training Ground Part III
Ohoh, hello! Yes, YOU!
What do you think about this new Shadow style?
I don't know, somehow it looks better, isn't it? Same for her face and clothes.
I still don't have new bubbles. xD
Training Ground Part II
Oh, can you see that? I'm so untrained in these things. :D But don't worry, I'm soooo ready to improve! ^^ I love to draw this comic and I love the story as well. There is no chance I would ever give up on it!

So I've tried these bubbles. They are awful! I had to find better ones, I don't want a heart attack when I read again the chapters time to time. x)
Maybe I should draw some? Hmm.. It's much more work, but I think it's worth the time.

By the way, about those shadows and the silhouettes..
Well, I don't like their style, either. Had to work on them.
Training Ground Part I
Hi there!

This is the first page of the prologue. I'm trying to get used to Photo Shop, the characters and the story so this first few pages are my Training Ground.
I've decided to post them anyway, because everybody starts somewhere. You can check this from the beginning to the very end. ^^