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Deckard The Hedgehog
I am a normal guy. I like to play videogames and some sports.
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Why did you both broke the fouth wall?
Coudn't they... I don't know... shoot the bad guy instead of wasting time saying "look out"?
This comic is officially epic, it contains Deckard what else you've expected?
Lol, this comic is epic.
I LIVE in Brazil, probably they'll be killed by some huckster or something...
And they are recolors of Cyber Peacock what makes them even more annoying.
Hey guys I've found Ranafel alive... *picks up gun*
*shots several rounds* Naw... nevermind I think she is dead...
Lol I remember fighting this guy in the holyday special on the private server I play. :D
WAIT A FUCKING SECOND! I saw water there... that's all (JK nice comic).
I still don't understand why Vexen had to be mean with Deckard... he must be jealous he can't be so golden and shiny
That was pretty funny XD
Their situation just gets better and better...
Holy shit! SEPHIROTH HAS TWO WINGS!! Oh... wait... it's just that guy...
I totally vote for deckard fighting that Mephiles bastard >:D
But destroying the city also destroys the missile =D
That's a pretty epic issue =O
His destroyed arm keeps changing... fascinating...
Voro! 3 hedgehogs and a needle rifle on 1 zombie, sounds fair. =D