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I have passion for writing and occasional drawing. I am a major history fan, but I gather knowledge of anything I get my hands on. I am a Finn so if there is typos I blame for my habbit of drinking(a lot)while doing something else than working.
You know, abortion isn't that bad thing. Peple die eventually, young and old, innocent and sinners. every one dies eventually and if some doesn't even get to see this world well they are the lucky ones.
Reading what comments certain political figures from US have said, i'd be suprised if any of them had brains in working condition.

Punch line: "Some one in politics knows their stuff? So where's the hidden camera?"
Move to country where presidents have little of actual power. Your dream will come true then.
Destroying a countrys economy and it while at it, not that hard. Greek for example.

It is harder to not drive country in chaos, and apparently what people in US see as communism here europe they are just regular left. Your left side of politics is in reality a normal right/middle side.
The other one is full of peacefull prtestors and are faced with police in riot gear.
Second one is gun toting slightly less peacefull, and no cops in sight... Strange country you have there ;)
Democratic uprising need to include a warning sing: Results may vary!
Hell, My fault then. I got to remember to douple check sources.
And the only reason why the public jobs do badly is because they lack funding.
How can that be? Wait, is that 50% of the budget going to military?
Quit blaming democrats and reform the whole political system!
Not to be disrespectfull to him, but it was his company taht put out that piece of crap that didn't work in cold, and they knew itand still put it in market in countries that did at the time have winter. And didn't een cover it to those who had their phone stop working because of lack of brain cells in engineering deparpment.
Wasn't that the other way around before '08 Elections?

Best(and apparently only way) to change things in there. Swich the two big to at least 4 mediocre and then you'll get somewhere.
Firts Islam and now Socialism... Not being too much of paranoid are you?

Granted they are fun jokes but some people take thing literally and thats not good.
I am sorry if this insults anyone but english is the worst language to pronounce non-native names, I hope hell has special place for those who pronounce Ä as A or E.
How about cutting the miliotary expenses? Rest of world can pretty much take care of self, No real need for NATO as Soviet Union and it's old alliance is history and EU pretty much covers everything that was in nato. As for Middle east, let them be for couple decades and it will get quiet in there in a way or another.
Well he is definately not from any fighting game as he has self restrain. Don't reveal that he's from a game/show few would like to say enjoying it?
just your goverments natural way to act, the other is strongly against anyhing the other proposes and when the tabel turns only the roles change... You guys need more parties in your politics, at this rate you are a step from one party system like the one in China, with more democrazy.
Or rebublican waging wars your goverment can't afford for too long ;)

Enjoy your independence. I do enjoy ours.
And suddenly I am feeling fine with local media attacking all parties, small and big ones, at the same time.
Rather the guy Medvedev hopes to win than the guy Putin hopes to win.

Seriously from those to Medvedev is lesser evil. And Russia is rather capitalistic country now days.
Thats probably what G.W.Bush supporters felt.
A politician with backbone? You got to be kidding.