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@PhantomCat: I would of have never notice if you didn't point it out.
That Kirby is a spy!
I like the new website layout. Its very nice looking and easy on the eyes too.
Panee Mass Attack coming soon to the 3DS.
@MarioKong: And now all three of you can face my Yveltal!
I knew it! The cake was a lie!
You forgot to put an extra e in the word Eevee.
@Ziliath: You misspelled Johto.
Boss battle hype!
Pets are one of the best things a person can ask for.
A rank b mission is better than a 10 star mission (10 is the highest right?)
@Janobii: They got destroyed in a fire or something...
@BattleStarX: Simple, like this, *leaves behide the cake maker*. You ask the most silliest questions ever.
@Kurona: Well I learned something knew today.
@Shard: If I recall, my Eevee only had normal type moves because the parents were a Ditto and a Flareon but I'll look into it some more when I get the time.
@Shard: I got my Eevee to evolve into Sylveon without a fairy type move, so I don't know what's this "need a fairy type move to evolve" is about...

The Eevee evolve at level 4 too.
It makes me wonder what makes it evolve into Sylveon, all I know it has to do with Pokémon-Amie.
The new layout is an epic win.
A wild update appear! *shot*
@Sorakai: Yeah I know about Sonic CD. It just feels weird that HTZ is a recolor of EHZ...
@DryKirby64: If I remember correctly it was at one point a different version of Emerald Hill Zone when the game had plans for time travel but I could be getting the facts mess up. If that's the case I'll recheck Sonic Retro.