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Lost Poe
There isn't much to say... I love Comics of all kinds as long as there is a good story and the art is good :3 Though I'm a huge Sucker for BL XD
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Link looks so adorable in the first panel, I just want to squish him owo <3

But don't worry about updating... the people that are bothering you have nothing else to do but bitch. The life away from this site his much more important; take care of yourself first and readers can always wait if they truly want to read.
Why is there no next button? ;3; please update soon!!
I have a scanner too, I just need to reinstall it, which takes like two mins XP Let me know (its Ashley btw LOL)
Micchie... cause he's super cute compared to Matsuri lol;; HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO THE SPARKLES!! lol
Woo I can't wait to buy this! Are you going to post instructions on how to pre-order before the 31st?
HAHAH OMg I love this Comic! I found it tonight and haha its great! I hope you start updatign again :3
So Cute X3 <3 Micchi made me feel like commenting was absolutly needed he's so cute XD <3 Nice page :3