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Master Ferret
Oh man, did I leave the kettle on?
@MarioKong: Or DOES he? Discover the thrilling resolution to this cliffhanger next week on LSMMB!
Happy Father's Day to all the dads that undoubtedly read this comic.
Sorry for the delay.
Let's go.
Ever had one of those days where you upload two comics in the wrong order? No?

oh okay
Ah, The Kerrek! Good to have you back, old chum. Feels like old times or some such.
Master Ferret
February 3rd, 2013
I have good news and bad news.
The good news? I've just about sorted out my computer issues, and actually new comics will soon be back on the menu.
The bad news? They will be just as dumb.

whomp whomp
I haven't been able to make new comics lately, but I forgot that I haven't uploaded all of my small buffer yet. So I'll give you a couple more comics before another indefinite hiatus.

srry gaiz
Hey, everyone. Sorry for the wait. I had things to do. I won't bore you with the details.

Let's get this rolling again.
Master Ferret
November 9th, 2012
I uploaded twice today because I love you.
Naw, Crash is just insulting him.
Oh Hey--
I lost a ton of resources and comics due to some computer trouble, but I still have the scripts.
And this thing is NOT going to die. Not again.
So let's roll.
I actually had a slew of comics ready for regular posting, but had some serious computer trouble and ended up losing most of them.
Thankfully I still have the scripts.
New comics are coming soon.
In retrospect, I seriously appreciate boredomcomics' post here.

Actually constructive criticism is sorely lacking on the tubes.
Why, Hello There
It's time to get this train wreck a-rollin again. Check the news page for details. I don't want to post the same thing twice.
Why hello, edit I should have made years ago.
How long has it been?
A little more than a year?
Then I suppose it's time for a new comic.

LSMMB: Four new panels every 13 months!
Oh Zelda games, will your chronology ever make sense?
I've had it for seven years and never gone around to beating it which is kind of sad but now I beat it and the ending is awesome and the whole game is awesome and it's my favorite game of all time YES!!!
The Pikachu and Pichu sprites were made by Semi and Trick-o-treater, based off of the game sprites. The sprites they made are often very, very slightly edited by me.
Also, I made the Raichu sprites myself. :)
Yeah. I've had a writers' block with this comic for about (a year? Sounds about right). Then to stop the hiatus for a bit, I made a comic about it! Inspiration comes in the oddest of places.