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i fail at writing about myself. 8(
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correction: Jeremie's the lead guitarist. D:
@ cobaph
surprise update!
This is the drummer: Takeshi Li.

Silly, silly Takeshi.

My hand writing sucks.
Hooray for half-assery!
@ "pine" & *ROOMIE!*: LOL i love you both. hahaha
@ Crimson_Fire: that's great! post pictures when you get it done! :D
I'll color it later. ;P

Long neck is looong.
As you can see, I didn't even bother drawing the ties. heh.
The bottom panel was FUN!
Alicia looks so demonic... :)

@Iris Purple
She just doesn't like being called "Vicky". haha
to "hawkeye":
...i hate you. hahahaha
@ Iris Purple: omg I am SO glad you get it. Everyone I showed this to didn't get it. I was pissed. haha
CPF= Character Profile Filler. hah
Sorry about the late post. );
Enter antagonist #2: the inner demon.
Self-loathing sucks, doesn't it?
hehe thank you!
Yeah, I know.

...I use the lightning background too much.
LOL! this is cute.
I tried screen toning just to experiment with different styles, so excuse the mess...

I might upload a different version later.
...that is, if I'm up to it. ;P

Jeez, Alicia was a bitch...but did she ever change?
dun dun DUN!

Uploaded the revised version!
IS THAT BABETTE!? god that's adorable.
I actually like how this turned out...except for the bottom panel.

But I enjoyed making the flames and smoke.
'Twas exciting!

...too much milo for me. I know. );
Damn energy drinks.
...chocolatey energy drinks.
mark, you are epic fail at noticing gender differences. :3