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Uh, yeah. I likes music, anime/manga, comics, horror/sci-fi, vid. games, and bunches of other stuff. I'm bi and atheist!

Crack City Rockin'!
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xDDD Great pick-up lines.
September 28th, 2008
I love your drawing style ^^
September 21st, 2008
I love Ninja xD
xD well I've never heard a sexier offer
lawl. acid stickers
Mighty nifty comic ya got goin on here sir.
that is a great question.
....I think I just found my new way to break up with people.
I wouldn't mind waking up next to him.
*steals frog hoodie*
yeah sexy sharp toothed guy!
*pets Henry* tis okay, I understand
I love the girls in your comic. They're so beautiful but they look like real people and not super models.
love the freckles
mask-kid is sexy
I hope my 7th anniversary can be that geeky.
o.o I don't know if I'd be pissed or hurt if my bf pushed me off like that.
November 16th, 2007
Isn't that the truth man
Hey....I like tux tees. *is the lame master*
I love the random crotch shot