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Ryoshockwave's old account.
July 17th, 2012
Kira's intro page. :3

Also, is anyone reading on a mobile device? I enabled the Smackjeeve's comic viewer, but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Anyone have an opinion?
Chapter one! :)
I'm hoping to be able to update this at least once a week, unfortunately my job and other things take up most of my time, otherwise I would be able to update more. Stay tuned!
June 20th, 2012
Just a little preview image for my new comic, I'm mainly using it to test the html for the layout.

This comic is called "DAI". I guess it's not all that new, though. It's a reboot of a comic of the same name that I published on Smackjeeves back in late 2006. It's a boy love kemonomimi comic with a supernatural twist. I've decided to revisit these characters, while attempting to revise and update the story.

More info to come soon!
Color <3
Heh.. poor Charmander.
I miss you and your comics :{
I'm your 2,950th fan. Yes, I'm a little late to the party, but I must say, you have really good art! :o
Could you review mine?

It's pretty long, feel free to just check out the first chapter or so.
I miss you~ :<
But at least i caught up again. Your comics are always so fun to read, and the art is relaxing to look at. :)
Whoa, I missed that, too! But I actually think that's awesome that it's a girl. It makes this comic... stand out even more against the crowd.

Solo, I find it very sad that you would stop reading a perfectly good comic simply because of the gender of one of the characters. D:
awww ;<
LOL. very funny XD
Very nice work so far. I'm into it :D
the cat has nice hair ^^
Oh snaaaaaaap.

You know, I wonder what Danny told Rick's fiance'? Like, if he lied for Rick or was all, "HE WAS AT MY HOUSE LOL."
Awww, this page is so cute. Probably the best page of this story yet XD Poor confused soul.

I get what Boastfully insane means. The speech bubbles would have been a little easier to read if they were white. (when I do dark scenes the bubbles and the bg of the page are still white, only inside the panels are dark).
Aww, Danny and Rick are pretty cute, I'm wasn't really for seeing them "together" in a pairing kind of way, but now that idea is growing on me XD;;;

Keep up the good work.
This page is so cute. Especially the little kitten~
Cuuute art style.
This chapter is getting interesting already :>