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February 1st, 2010
I don't regret this decision, but I both rue and lament it.
It's snowing rather heavily outside my house, so the power might go out. As such, I might not be able to update for a while. 7:\
Don't worry. Wad's wasn't suffocating under that text. Or, perhaps he was, if you prefer that.
January 22nd, 2010
I apologize for uploading this so late.
If it's not clear, that's Galvatron III speaking in the last panel. And Greenie's pupil doesn't disappear. He's looking at Galvy III. It's a bit hard to see.
It appears I forgot to update yesterday. Whoops.
At least it's not a three-panel pause like usual.
If you can't tell, that's a sweat drop on Greenie's face in the last panel.
I'm very sorry for the two-week-long break. I was actually rather sick during that entire time. Well, for the first week I was. I was out of town during the second.
I'm sorry. I really am.
These guys are really skilled in the art of unnecessarily long pauses.
Yeah, I know I'm lazy.

That's a Transformers G1 Rewind, by the way.
I almost forgot about this.
I'd like to thank my fans.

I'd like to, but I don't have any!

That's a lampshade on Wads' head, if you couldn't tell.

Also, this comic, obviously, does not take place in the present. It's probably in the future.
Looks like Friday'll be the 50th comic uploaded! HUZZAH!
Alright, I lied. The schedule will actually be this;

Monday: WFE
Friday: WFE
Friday: KIAD
Monday: WFE
Friday: WFE

And so on.

Oh and, from left to right, the people in the picture;

Galvatron III (Chinese knockoff Galvatron model kit), Greenie (some Green Goblin action figure), Air Hunter (Air Hunter, obviously), The Seeker (Revoltech Starscream with Revoltech Megatron's head and legs. And a cane made of paper), and Knight (Gee, I wonder what I'm using for this. :dry:).

The Seeker only has a cane because I needed a reason for him to be the only one sitting down.
Just so you know, Journey to the Center of Popstar 5 is a story arc made up of three different mini-arcs, Wads Falls Everywhere (wherein Wads is trapped underground), Meta Knight Is A Drunk (wherein Meta Knight is at Air Hunter's Tavern & Inn), and Kirby and JK's Adventures in Nowhere in Particular (wherein Kirby and JK have adventures in nowhere in particular).

The arcs will play out like this;

Monday: WFE
Friday: MKIAD
Monday: WFE
Friday: KaJAiNiP
Monday: WFE
Friday: MKIAD

And so on, and so on.
Nothing to say.
First appearance of Air Hunter! If you don't know, he's a Transformer that was never really in any canon, and was part of the Robot Masters line. Here's a link to the TFWiki page on him;

If you can't read the sign behind Air Hunter, it reads "AIR HUNTER'S TAVERN & INN".

Also, this is the first comic to actually use a set, instead of the usual greenscreen. Obviously, the set's really empty and bland.

I plan on reusing Air Hunter's Tavern & Inn in the future.
Bonus comic!

I originally intended to post this tomorrow, but I wanted to speed it up.