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Hi there, My name is EllewithWings!!
(Elle Taylor Ray)

I like all different kinda of genre, and usually have a wide taste in styles.~ From bubbly shoujo to like hardcore sienen my tastes really differ.

I really wish I had more time in life to enjoy what I love but school/life/work all get in the way you could say lolololol.~~~~
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    Elle Taylor Ray ^^
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August 28th, 2010
Yay update!<3 >u<
Yaay Alin is back! ouo/ lmao Reven's face is full of WTF? girlsplz. D:
kyuuute! I think I'm going to enjoy this.<3:D
Congrats! I love your artstyle, ooh and can't wait for Hotarugari books.=D
August 23rd, 2010
Oooh so hot. *;;*b I love it!!
aww I think I found another character of yours I like alot! ^//w//^ Great updates, can't wait for next week.=)
aw hes like a little kid ^v^
I love him!~