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I love drawing, Manga and Anime.
My fav Manga at the moment is Vampire Knight and My favorite Anime atm is Host Club ^^

Please bear with me XD
Sorry for the delay
I was distracted reading manga OTL

But like... I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE Koori no Mamono ;A; adjksdh!!! (and all of Sakuragi Mei's works... so cute! which have no relation but the genre to KoorinoMo btw xD)
And then recaptured my interest because suddenly nearly all of my fav stories decided to update. (I cant wait for another update of "The Boogie Man" Such an amazing plotline! It's a Reborn 1827 fanfiction xD)

and.. I simply was not in the mood to draw *no excuses*

Btw... I decided to update after all whenever I have one page done xD'

AAAANND! Please dont judge Jade as tragic hero yet ^^; Cause he does not feel that way...

Iskilsaya>>> I guess that why it is all imaginary and fantasy xD just a world without girls.. OTL

zeromotion>>> ohhh wenn du meinst xD''

nyanko-tan>>> now I have REALLY ridiculous pictures of Lucien chasing after Trish in my head... O__O;; I mean like.. that is not possible personality wise xD
I am back from convention! I had a super fun weekend ;___;
And I already miss my friends again.

Special guests are back again on the page OTL
(I am such a fangirl for both of them ;A; )

b4k4chan>>> I have always thought that what I am doing here is pretty typical xD

Iskilsaya>>> I have always wondered about all guys in BL manga being gay to tell the truth X__X

Erogaki>>> O__O seriously??? what??? yaay! I did it! <3 xD
I think with the BL genre it is the same as with every other genre: There are some that one likes and others that one doesn't... there are good ones and bad ones, etc. and it all depends on taste xD

Natashakiable18>>> I think Lulu knows what Trish is like (I mean the personality xD)

GoldenGossamer>>> yes. that is what Jade thinks in that panel xD

Zeromotion>>> hmmmmmm keine ahnung °_° ich kenne solche ja auch. also werden sie wohl doch nicht so komisch sein.
Sagen wir es so: ich kenne viele die damit ein Problem hätten xD vor allem, wenns vom gleichen Geschlecht ist xD

MIDOxRI>>> because I have been lazy and not really updating for a LOOOONG time and drawn other stuff... so my style developed but the story didn't continue °_°;;;

Beyond Massacre>>> well... lets say he doesn show his emotions much xD

Raichi>>> I am sorry, I wont do that. (return to coloring) I have my reasons which I stated below the first two-colored page why I am doing this in b/w.
Annnnnnd I changed style so much in between because I always stopped drawing and then picked the story up again so there were huge breaks in between. xD''''
Besides: I actually started this comic for practice purposes - I never want to print it, never want to publish it, never want to sell it. I want to have as much fun with it as I can: And I can only do that when I am allowed to experiment.

kuroi_hitsuji>>> well he isnt smart in some aspects of life (rather stupid actually) but in others he is brilliant xD'''

emblem99>>> aww thanks xD <3 Spain is so,... <3
September 12th, 2010
ghaaaaaa!!! SO CUTE!! XD <3<3<3

and gawd ;A; I was... right? (for once it wasnt my wishful thinking??? Wow ;A;)
I have wanted to say this on the page before, too (when I was thinking about it some more)

I mean,... Haru was shying away from Shiratori earlier, too... when it got intimate xD'

So Shiratori!!! Go for it! He was just being shy!!! (Eh... really impossible wish of a fangirl)

I am seriously looking forward to the next page ;A; Hope to read it when I get back from connichi <3<3
Thank you!
I have hardly ever gotten so many LONG comments. It was really interesting to read them, as most of the comment writers took there time and wrote down their view on my characters.
It was also really motivating :D
Thanks a lot!

I wont be able to update this weekend since I am away for a convention : D (Connichi... here in Germany)
So next update will be on Monday.

And yes. that were Mukuro and Izaya.. on a side note XD and the third person, only I can recognize when zooming in in actual size would be Gintoki xD

JOS>>> I understand that. But for those issues, I think, there is character developement xD

moonlight>>> Dont worry it being your first time commenting xD haha thank you though <3

b4k4chan>>>> XD In a love story it is kinda contra productive when reading to not like the canon (If it is a story with a clear canon pairing like mine xD''' at least)
At least I believe so.

LadyInBlack>>> Characters concept in this case started with their negative traits and then I added some positive XD'''

video_gamegurl>>> I think that people are more focused on him right now is actually natural. Since he is new in the story and there is more to discuss with him. I understand that now after a nights sleep xD'''

Blackrainfall>>> ahaha xD I was concepting Jade to be an open minded character with a lot of charisma... xD'' so maybe that is why.
I wanted him to be gentle to everyone yet an a** to trish... with once in a while showing gentleness xD'' i have a bit of trouble to pull that off though X_X

magicherry>>> he is probably planning some evil there..
(no actually the head on the other side of his table belongs to kida... but pssst!)

ImaginaryPerson>>> I dont think a (happy) threesome would be possible here xD

Iskilsaya>>> Am i gonna be hated if I asked: whoever said that Lulu is gay? XD

applelight>>> not the 100th page yet xD I have so many stupid filler pages that this is... misleading xD

Zeromotion>>> DU IRRST DICH NICHT!
Jade sieht indeed sehr schwul aus xD
Gegen gewisse Dinge wehrt sich Trish nicht. Aber würdest du dich nicht auch wehren, wenn da irgendein Fremder dich versucht abzuknutschen (und du nicht unter alkoholeinfluss stehst oder es darauf anlegst?) Oh moment... Fremde xD'''
Naja... Trish ist Genusssüchtig was das betrifft. aber das wurde ja eigentlich schon im ersten Kapitel angedeutet xD'

PARA--chute>>> I hate those kind of protagonists... so there is no way I would make them up.
(Oh wait... I like Tsuna uke (in reborn) HM... but that's different)
September 9th, 2010
cliffhanger!!! <3

Mika <3 ;A; I wonder what measures he is gonna take
This cafe has special visitors XD sorry my handwriting got too small haha.. xD
On the right the person says "People <3" and the other person says "kufufu"... sadly one cant recognize the sugar addict in the top left corner xD'''

Thanks for comments again ^^ <3
And thanks for all your wellwishings.
OTL I slept for 13 hrs O__O;;; but today I feel awesome again <3

Though I start to hate Lucien.. which is kind of bad.
I seriously do not get the hype around him (I could tolerate it though... since of course I concepted him so that I can like him, too) but (it didn't happen here but on another site) when someone actually wished for Jade's death so that Trish and Lucien can be together, something in me snapped. Drawing him has become a pain and continueing with the story, too... (it feels like people hate Jade (another comments stated so.. on that other site) and my motivation is getting lower and lower)

It is kind of sad how one comment can pull me down like that. *sighs* And sorry for being emo about this. ^^;

I shall watch some Inazuma Eleven to cheer up! (my sin LOL how can I even like that show? XD)

animelover4allanime>>> Oh! I remember your nick from over there <3<3 it is not awkward at all... seeing that I spam my dA gallery with Hetalia, Reborn, DRRR and so on and hardly draw my own characters xD'''

b4k4chan>>>> The speed might go down again, soon... seeing that I only have two pages left for updates and afterwards will have to produce new ones.... OTL (well.. I am drawing one page a day atm... haha. but I need the whole day for that. So I dont think I can keep that up for long)

Iskilsaya>>> he will get happy :D

EDIT> Lol xD this was not supposed to get people to comment that they like Jade (though I am happy if you like him xD) It was just meant to... how to say.. warn you not to wish my character death? XD
pfff <3 I cant wait to see that reaction either.

And I feel sorry for haru.. ;A; <3 *hugs*
4th chapter starts xD
Thanks for your comments and ratings again <3
I wont answer any particular comments this time because I am scared to spoiler xD

so here is the cover of the 4th chapter... (no actual page for today XD' sorry)

I just have one more page left to upload afterwards ;A; Today I didn't finish the second page of chapter 4 since I do not feel so good OTL
But tomorrow I will finish it for certain (not much left to do xD) and after a good night of sleep I should feel better, too ^^ (Mind me... I am not feeling really sick.. just not as good as I could and reeaaaally sluggish and tired)
September 6th, 2010
ahahahah XD mika is awesome! <3<3
His personality rocks! *o*
Last page of chapter 3
And also the last page I have finished ;A;
BUT since I still have the cover and am already working on the next page there is still two days more for me to work on the next page after the next page and...
I will try my best!!!

I updated the gallery ;A; Alex (Thunder-Lighting) has drawn me Lucien and Trish <3<3<3<3

Also I updated a new artwork (cover art for next chapter OTL) of me

Thanks for the comments! <3
OMG!! Why is everyone so focused on Lulu?! XD shadjkasdh!!! *does not get it*

Mei-Moon: WHy do you insist on Lulu being trouble XD haha
Stephi>>> If you are misjudging the mood then I did not make a good job conveying it... xD' (I still need a lot of practice)
Lucien........ is still emo. But to be more precise: He has a negative personality, so he tends to look for the bad stuff in things. He is capable of irony and sarcasm. and yes. he CAN get kind of menacing.
Uh... Lucien does not know the word shocked... only emo.
(In case you expected him to be shocked because of the "date" word xD)

And new design for the page... xD ........ pink OTL
This is Lulu xD
For those who dont remember him: He appears in the first few pages of the first chapter xD'

Thanks again for comments~ <3

OTL currently I am coloring the cover of chapter 4 (since yesterday)
Lately I have become so slow when coloring °_° (maybe its also just the internet that is too damn interesting xD'' )
Soo here comes.... the reason xD
(In Germany this character is ridiculously popular for just appearing for three panels till now in the first chapter)

thanks again for the comments <3 and welcome backs ;A; <3
Thanks for the warm welcome back! ;A;
As promised~ new page today, too.

YOu will notice a few changes in style and toning and so on through the next pages. Because I still need to find my way to do this stuff xD

I already finished planning the whole story by now (Before I didn't - which was one of the reasons I did not feel motivated to continue...)
I also finished paneling the fourth chapter, which means that after drawing the cover I can go on right away <3 (I hate planning the panels... So I am happy, that this is done, too OTL)
After a year break....
Hello everyone!

I am sorry, to have made you wait for so long for new pages... ;__;
There is actually no apology for this. haha *got addicted to drawing artworks*

And even if I am back, it is only in black and white (though I need nearly as long for this as with color xD *fail*)
But I want to practice toning and so on, so this was also in order to get me motivated to draw the comic again :'D

I have actually already finished six pages (till the end of chapter 3) so this is how I will work from now on:
I will be uploading each day a page until there are no pages left. (I will continue drawing meanwhile)
When I have nothing left to upload I will wait for the next update until I have another 10 pages done. And then update daily again.
This way the story wont be split with such ugly waiting times and I might be more motivated to finish actually 10 pages (so that I can post them xD)

I hope this is ok for everyone ;A;

Much love,

Thanks to everyone who didnt forget me ;A;
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back ;A; <3
love ya all <3

°__°*stares at first panel*
if Trish is growing younger even faster he will look like 12 soon X__X
note to self Trish is eighteen. so he should look more like that.
Next page he will get a sudden older face XD''
(someone in another community noticed the tendencies.... I didn't. O.O maybe cause I drew so much Reborn stuff... haha. I fail so much. Well. I guess since nothing adult has happened it was ok for this time.. XD~)

Another thing that bothers me is the bottom center panel. °_°;
X__X but I wont continue to nag at myself.
I needed freaking 10hrs for this page..
ahh! man muss seine PErsönlichkeit einfach lieben XD
sparkle attack <3 *o*
du bist ja auch hier XD