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To be fair, the fourth wall was broken on the very first page and nobody bothered to fix it. Two Ket's in the same page is basically just stomping on the fourth wall's rubble.
October 12th, 2018
It'll take a lot more than a harpoon through the chest to keep Darcy down!
Bag of farts is my new favorite insult.
I get the feeling it's not going to be that simple
@somerandomguynumber1: No, we've known for some time this was coming. You can even see an actual Giratuna picture on Neko's deviantart account.

It's been months since she first mentioned she made a typo when working on Naya's line, and to this day it still makes me burst out in a grin.

Edit: I found Neko's quote.
"I made a typo in the script and I'm keeping it for the final version.
More history lessons for Naya. How many new names can Naya remember before she starts getting them wrong? Apparently three.
Poor Giratuna."
The BEST typo!!
Since this is the Pokemon world, shouldn't it be "apricorns" instead of "acorns"?
Naya, the swimming Flareon. Absolutely adorable~
See, Naya, this is why you don't act aggressive around wanted criminals.
Bullseye! The master of manipulation just got outplayed!
August 14th, 2018
@Guest: I think it's safer to say that Alpha is unstable, and her connection to the pack has merged the minds of Alpha and Moonlight, causing Moonlight to become unstable as well. However, Alpha has lived that way for years, while Moonlight is unaccustomed to it, causing the strain on her mind to push her over the edge.

There's also the fact that Alpha just forced Moonlight to become a murderer against her will. I'd probably end my own life as well, if I accidentally killed a few dozen lives.
I just noticed the cluck-cluck in the crowd raising its wing
At least he has enough self-awareness to figure that out.
July 18th, 2018
Please tell me that space milk bit is canon, because if it is, it'd be the funniest part of this comic yet.
July 11th, 2018
Considering Blair travels from world to world searching for his crush, I'd think it'd be obvious he can teleport. If you can travel instantly across the boundaries of worlds, why would he not be able to travel instantly WITHIN the boundaries of worlds?
July 9th, 2018
When you have an unlimited supply of something, you can't really use it up, can you? The dude's seriously OP.
I'm actually surprised Damaru didn't do that earlier. I thought Silverado was implying that he should.
July 4th, 2018
I like how this chapter is really getting into the depths of how much these two really do care about each other, despite the complicated circumstances of their relationship.
So I guess Silverado is okay with being called "bird"?
June 11th, 2018
You'd think the Queen would have a bathtub at least five times larger than that one.