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Have the Twins been through here?
February 17th, 2018
@Dragongirl101: The real question is; Why did Renee not expect this?
I like how the Lapras is just as annoyed as the trainer.
Not only is the crowd too loud for Chloe, let's also not forget that Willa is also just too quiet. I wager she surrendered because of both of these factors.
@tveye: I'll take that wink as confirmation.
I ship it
You know, with how much Magmar seemed to dislike Venusaur, I can't help but wonder if he had something to do with that fire?
It took me a while to realize this is the Anti-Nase. Mostly because we've never seen this character in the proper Letter 7.
$20 says these two eventually fall into some sort of romance.

I ship it.
@Shard: In other words, Jax is the best uncle
If RP!Ket is the mom and Katsu is the dad, does that make Jax the uncle?
The intrigue just keeps getting better and better.
January 25th, 2018
I think the first panel is one of my favorite panels of the entire comic thus far.
I like Vulva the dragon. He makes me laugh.
Shouldn't Ket being Ket know who Key is?
This page makes me laugh so much more than it should. I suspect the entire chapter will follow this trend, won't it.

[Edit] Someone is going to do it eventually, so I might as well say it first: I ship it.
@Guest: Maybe you shouldn't start ranting at someone that the author already took a stab at. Maybe you also shouldn't dredge up an old argument that everybody forgot about THREE YEARS AGO. Maybe you should also not call someone else a brat when you're acting just as immature.

Seriously, this comment is so old I'd actually forgotten why I had a problem with it. After about five minutes I remembered that I wasn't complaining about anything in the comic, but rather that it seemed as though the author was laughing at one of their fans over a bit of confusion. I also was not aware that there was no joke on this page at the time, but considering this comic is, overall, a comedy, I feel that misunderstanding on my part could be understood and overlooked, not dug up three years later by someone who apparently thinks that the author them self commenting and settling the matter isn't enough to put the entire issue at rest.

All this said, I would like to note there was absolutely no reason to respond to my ancient comment like this, unless you actually wanted to start an argument over an old and irrelevant, but already settled issue, like a child who is so bored he has to make up an excuse to get someone else to play with him. I am sorry to say, I would not like to play this game of yours, particularly in one of my favorite pokemon comic's comments.

Good day to you, please don't dredge this old argument further.
It's either the Kabutopses, Giratina, or one of Talon's party.
Should have seen that coming