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Shane is my new favorite Eevee
While I'm still not sold on the overdose of ribbons, Rose is really working them heels
A wild Sylveon appeared!
April 8th, 2018
@Guest: That must be the deepest, most well thought out and most eloquent comment in the grand history of comments.

If you have something to say, dude, just say it, don't leave a vague "dot dot dot".
The best April Fools prank
What the actual???
If this weren't an adventurer version of comic con, I'd say this page does not belong in this comic.

Also, if this had been posted on Sunday, I'm sure the majority of the readers (myself included) would have assumed it were an April Fools page.
April 5th, 2018
You know, instead of whining "NO UPDATE OMG WHY" you could just look up the artist's tumblr where the full comic can be found.
April 5th, 2018
For any new readers, distressed fish noies became a meme.
Clearly the point is to make scrambled eggs. Don't you know the best scrambled eggs are made using robot face?
Keep it in mind as you consider this revelation.
Just another day in Yella Mesa
Link has so much more sass in this than he normally has in the games or official manga. Quite frankly, I love it.
It's theory time!
The chronology of this chapter is confusing.
I ship it.
@WingFreak: "...something that's 'like' caramel."

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but "like" does not equal "the same as."

Since a wolf is like a husky, I guess they're the exact same thing, right? Nope.
It takes a real man to come up with his own drag queen name!
Have the Twins been through here?
February 17th, 2018
@Dragongirl101: The real question is; Why did Renee not expect this?