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@Visitor: Yeahhh can never get enough. Gotta love messing up those formative years.

In all honesty, if I'd have written the story again today rather than working with what past me set up, I'd very likely cut down on that a lot. But we work with what we got.
"You're a piece of shit, but I have confidence you'll manage to not be a piece of shit some day." How're you even supposed to respond to that?

See y'all soon.
Those sure gunna be some renovations.

I'm going to be at a con this weekend btw, at the Metro Radio arena in Newcastle! If you're going, hope to see you there =D

See y'all soon.
I'm sure I've mentioned things I hate drawing plenty... Let's officially add explosions to that list. Doubt this guy likes 'em so much either.

See y'all soon.
I like to imagine that Abel takes out all of the poor and forgotten pokemon in the storage boxes and walks 'em around and lets them play and such from time to time.

I was interested in why a lot of people were certain that Abel and Allie were bro and sis after the last page... Because Allie said 'Dad's Gym' rather than 'My Dad's Gym'. Maybe it's not widespread but where I'm from (Northern England) I can say, for example 'I'll borrow dad's car' without it necessarily meaning OUR dad. Cultural differences I suppose.

... Not that I'm saying they AREN'T siblings. I'm not saying they are either, I'm not saying shit lol.

See y'all soon.
I got tired of drawing Abel's eyes totally shadowed. I'd had my fun. He's in the light now, he can enjoy some hatched eyes instead.

By the way! I haven't mentioned it in a while, so here it comes. If you're enjoying my comic, and would like a few perks from me such as art and earlier pages, how about considering supporting me on Patreon? It really helps me out with my work hugely.

If you can't afford to then don't worry, I totally understand, but if you can I'd hugely appreciate it <3 And of course, thankyou to all those who're already supporting me, and helping me continue to work on comics! https://www.patreon.com/h0lyhandgrenade

See y'all soon.
@Cave: Thanks! I've been trying extra hard on these pages x3
@Wyld: Naww just a plain ol' typo there lol. Fixed.
Originally I was going to have it that the Cuiburn would be fighting and thrashing against them and such, but then I realized... she wouldn't. She'd be far more likely to watch in polite bemused interest. Goddammit Cuiburn, you're destroying my mood.

See y'all soon.
I gotta say, I really liked writing this whole drama part, but was concerned that people wouldn't be interested... So the kind words from people saying that they've been enjoying this part has really been brightening my days indeed :>

See y'all soon.
I guess it was the power of HEART! that was super effective this time.

See y'all soon.
It's been way too long since I got to draw a Cuiburn.

See y'all soon.
Needs more electric.

If I ever get Abel's height wrong by the way, or it's shown to be inconsistent... Just assume that he's got his knees bent a bit. Or everyone else is stood on a box. Boxes are really popular right now.

See y'all soon.
Everyone's sorry.

Thanks for the compliments on the faces and expressions on the last page xD <3 I tried something new on that page, and have been working harder since, so it's very nice to hear it's paying off.

See y'all soon.
@Visitor: They live a rather long time, upwards of 100 years in captivity. They lay soft eggs, and protect them as preciously as a dragon would protect its treasure horde. Just the one stomach, but considering the vast range of things they're happy to eat, it's different to your standard mammal stomach.

@The_mad_one: Yes, they are deceptively hardy creatures! Though they probably don't know it.
This is the best way to talk to kids, I find. Sees me through.

See y'all soon.
Good idea, cleanse yourself of your sins before you die.

See y'all soon.
Sorry guys, I know a few of you had a lot of faith that he hadn't done it. He apparently didn't deserve it.

See y'all soon.
Fight 'em off, Chris. You can take 'em.

See y'all soon.