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@Unknown: This is one of those rare times that I'm gunna confirm or deny a theory! We're so near the end now that I might as well, and I feel like it.

Basically you're both right. The health is held against them, but that's not all. A LOT has been done to these guys to make them perfect. Perfectly strong, perfectly robust, perfectly obedient, but it comes at a cost of their health. With maintenance they can be kept going. Without it, they... Can't. We've seen that this process has been going on a while, but it's been fiddled with and honed since back then so things are slightly different.

The others are more broken down than Toby. Has he lasted a bit because he's newer, or because he's so dang hard headed and determined? Who could say...

I would have loved to have Toby exposit all of this, but unfortunately he's just not the type 8| There's also probably more too but I should leave it up in the air. Either way, I'm glad you guys got it ^^
@SpaceWitch: No worries! Lookin' forward to more comic =D
Risky 8V
Heya! Just a note that people's eyes tend to go from one speech bubble to the next one that's nearest, so my eyes jumped from panel one to the top of panel 3. Better off doing stuff like putting the text at the top of panel 2 rather than the bottom so the eye goes to there instead.

Now I'm gunna get back to reading xP
@SoulRaider116: This bothers me too. I don't suffer from such things but I know that it's making light of people facing genuine problems day to day. A lot of people genuinely don't know of course and don't mean harm by it, but either way it's high time for this trend to die out.
Ah'll sithee later.
@Cave: No but I keep trying to persuade her to make one 8T
I asked people following my Tumblr for suggestions for Pokemon... But warned them that they highly likely wouldn't be impressed with the results xD Well here they are. I have a confession to make though in truth. I drew some of them, but a lot of them were drawn by my sister. She's a fantastic artist but for some reason she just CAN NOT draw Pokemon, and she knows it.

Thanks, sis. Her Tumblr's here, btw-

Ah'll sithee later.
Don't worry, that's not the whole explanation.

Ah'll sithee later.
Some of my better drawn Pokemon on this page today.

Ah'll sithee later.
@Guest: Yeah, there was a change not so long ago. The amount I was being pledged fell below the 'two Mokepon updates a week' level, but it was just as well because I was struggling to do two updates a week for this, one update a week for Rumplestiltskin and make all my merch for cons. So now I've scrapped the pledge levels and am just updating each comic once a week, but will update more later on if I end up getting more free time.
@Halosty: gdi neither can i
@Oly-RRR: I can't say that's exactly what I had in my head but that sounds pretty close now you mention it :D Maybe a slightly higher pitched Dafoe.
I am tired of drawing trees, but it still beats streets 8T I've never felt very confident drawing trees. I've never been a backgrounds kinda person in general, I guess... And I avoid the outdoors like the plague, which doesn't help.

I'm just bitching about art because I don't have much else to say lol. Backgrounds are a good go-to when it comes to bitching.

Ah'll sithee later.
Incidentally, pillow shading is when you just do shading coming from every line, regardless of light source.

Ah'll sithee later.
Spoilers asshole, jeez, now we know how it's gunna end...

See y'all soon.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Odour is the UK spelling. Pkiachu is a mess.
I wanted to draw a really creepy face for George in that panel, so I drew a SUPER creepy one... But ended up rubbing it out and doing a lesser creepy one instead. My sis called me a coward. Rightly so.

Incidentally those guys are all trainer types from Red/Blue in case you hadn't noticed :>

See y'all soon.
I was in a big mood to do some hatching, lately... I hope it's not too distracting all of a sudden. I'm actually rather happy with this page, I think it's one of my favourites :>

Ah'll sithee later.
Man I wonder how much he woulda gushed if DT was there.

Damn, we reached a new year!! Here's hoping it's a good one!