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@Ghost: It's okay! I might've been a bit sensitive because when it comes to webcomics, a lot of people bring up slow updates because they feel entitled to more and just wanna complain, rather than just being curious about the process. Sorry about being snippy with you.
@Guest: Thankyou, I do appreciate the offer, but I don't think I could consistently make through Patreon doing comics what I can make from my other work. I worked that way for some time, but while I was doing okay and was thankful for what people were giving me, I was only really scraping by, so I made the decision to take down the extra update rewards on Patreon so that I could focus on work that would get me somewhere. And fortunately, that has worked out very well for me!

Comics in general are hard to make much money from despite the vast amount of time and work that goes into them, and unless someone hits it big they tend to be more a labor of love than anything. Comics are still my passion but I've got to be practical. In an ideal future I'll get myself into a position where I'm comfortable and CAN do comics fully for a living, but it may take a while. I hope that clears things up.
@Ghost: I wanna introduce you to this concept where a lot of people have to work for a living and have very little free time. It's sweeping the nation. I ain't getting paid for this what the people who work on The Walking Dead are.
@Guest: Weird you should ask, I almost said in the authors comment... Whenever anyone's confessed their love to me, I've pretty much always just ended up wearing the same expression that Chris is wearing lol.
@Spirit of Water: I don't mind technical questions at all! There's a couple of reasons that the panel got extended off the end of the page like that, but they're not particularly deep ones in this case. For one, I often like to have a panel that extends off the page 'lead in' and one 'lead out'. I do this a lot, it looks nice to me and makes a nice path to read the page with. Another reason is because I had more in that panel that needed to be shown, so having a taller panel worked. Finally, having the panel extend just looked nicer next to the closed panel to the left of it. Adds a lil' more visual interest.

There's a lot of 'rules' comic artists will come up with for their paneling. It's fun, because different artists will do certain things for totally different reasons, and some will do things other artists would NEVER do. All because, while there are a lot of pieces of advice that are good for everyone, there's a lot of things that come down to your gut, and your personal language for telling a story. There's a lot to be controlled when it comes to comics, concerning things such as leading the eye, clarity, controlling the passage of time, etc, and everyone's got their own ways of doing it :3
Ah'll sithee later.
@Zelkova: Thank you =D Cleaning up old pages is something I'd never actually do though. For one, it's a trap a lot of comic artists tend to fall into. They start cleaning up the start and get so hung up on it they end up redoing the whole dang thing, and by the time they're done the start looks bad to them again and they start redoing that too, and they get caught in a cycle (This happens A LOT).

The other reason is when I read someone else's comic, I really like to see the art progression and it's the same with my own xP
I was gunna draw the Pikachu in like, thigh high black leather high heels but my sister was so disgusted she wouldn't let me.

Ah'll sithee later.
@Jedipikachu9009: And then the rest of the comic was just the entire plot of Shrek.
Every declaration of love scene should look like this.

Ah'll sithee later.
I couldn't draw George being serious for long. It just implodes in on itself.

Ah'll sithee later.
@natuko_hom: Close, it was actually supposed to be "as good as anyone could ASS for".

...Nah jus' kiddin it was ask. Thanks lol I've fixed it.
@Oly-RRR: Sometimes the obvious creepy answers are the right ones... Unfortunately.

Man I feel like I've been disapponting xD; I blame him. I blame all of them to be honest.
Nice location for what should be a private conversation. But I guess beggars on their deathbed can't be chooser.

Ah'll sithee later.
Sorry for the wait! I'm pretty much all better now and raring to go. Thanks for your patience~

(Art shit time) This page woulda been a lot easier if I'd had the first three panels be horizontal. It woulda been easier to establish the scene, plus easier to fit the text in. However since I knew I definitely wanted a horizontal panel at the bottom, having nothing but four moderately equally sized horizontal panels on a page doesn't look very good (especially since its more likely to split the page in half). Also gotta consider that only a couple of pages ago I had a page where there was a big stack of horizontal panels, which felt appropriate there but I don't wanna go doing it again (not so soon, for sure). So I dicked about until I managed to stuff the scene into vertical panels. Three vertical panels on top of a horizontal looks way nicer even if the contents aren't as pretty. Worth it cuz bad panel composition really brings a page down 8T

...Some comic shit for ya xD This page wasn't big trouble or special or anything, I just felt like sharing. Wondered if people are interested in this kinda thing.

Ah'll sithee later.
@HVoice: Heheheheheh... Yeah.

The whiplash between me drawing pages with George and Atty on can't be good for me.
If it all doesn't make sense... Doesn't matter. S'just Fair shit.

Ah'll sithee later.
I wanted to have a good time drawing George's face there. You might be able to tell.

Ah'll sithee later.
I'm pretty much fully recovered now! Sorry for the wait, especially in such an important part of the comic... I'm raring to go now tho :3

I've been really tense writing this scene xD; I hope it goes well.

Ah'll sithee later.
Getting art from friends is the best =)

Sorry for the wait guys! Fortunately I've pretty much fully recovered now and am working full speed. Thanks for the patience~

Ah'll sithee later.