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@Riverfox237: It's fireproof. The predominant dog Pokemon that people keep as pets is Growlithe, so it figures that they would be.
@kryptoknight: Until Thad pushed him off, Atty did indeed get him by surprise once. Probably got himself by surprise, too. But Thad at that point evidently hadn't expected Atty to be so very angry. ...Which probably says something about him.
Oh shit I think he done gone too far that time.

I think if Atty had known he would only have that little time he wouldn't have taken up most of it saying about how he'd been resenting DT. Hindsight's a bitch.

@HVoice: Thaaanks I hated working on that panel lolol.
@chaos-of-vinnie: Yeahhhh it was a pretty bad night lololol. Feels kinda worse having drawn it all out in one go.

Still, this is nothing. Once I saw some assholes I hated eat all of my birthday cake before I even managed to get near it. Toby oughta get some REAL scarring in his childhood.
And then they just sorta stared at each other, sadly.

See y'all soon.
Thad coulda also added 'plus I've got a gun, bitch', buuuuut I'm pretty sure Atty hasn't forgotten in a hurry. Though he might have tried.

EDIT: I do find it interesting how many people seem to think Atty, the guy who can't run a couple of streets without getting winded, is an action hero who can knock Thad unconcsious with a swift blow to the back of the head, scoop up DT in her pokeball and run away, with absolutely no fear of being shot in the back or attacked in general. I know the rest of us are adept at instantly high kicking any threat in the face and immediately resolving the situation, but that's not Atty.

Yes admittedly he could try attacking Thad with his unconscious pokemon and magikarp to see if it makes him feel sorry enough for him to just GIVE Dragonthing back, but that hasn't occurred to him.

See y'all soon.
@okamihanyu: Whenever Thad comes across something that he finds difficult to do with one arm, he makes it his mission to become a master of doing it with one arm. He's a very determined fellow.
These two pages did appear before in a previous flashback. ... I couldn't just repost them though, so I went and redrew them. Was pretty fun seeing the little things that have changed since then.

See y'all soon.
I get so into drawing Thad's pretty eyes with his lashes and eyeliner etc. that I have to try and not get carried away when doing Atty's too. Don't always succeed.

Toodle pip.
@HVoice: ALMOST as unfiltered xD Good to hear that's a plus and not off-putting lolol. Writing Thad is very much a case of just going with the flow and writing whatever comes naturally. And never second guessing.

That line did make me snort after I wrote it though. Glad you like xD
I struggled at first thinking of a random password... Got easier when I imagined what Thad might call it. He likes TV.

Toodle pip.
@chaos-of-vinnie: All going well there'll be a book ='D One day!
Bad things have a habit of not coming alone. They're opportunists that piggyback off each other.

Toodle pip.
@chaos-of-vinnie: He is very British xD Almost all of my characters are.
A guy just can't get a decent monologue out around here without being disrespected.

Toodle pip.

Where was he keeping that

EDIT: Okay, fixed. Thanks lol. Jeez that hand (or lack of one) is such a hassle sometimes.
@rousse: British. Really not sure why I started saying y'all or why it stuck around but there you have it lol.
Atty thought he was off the hook.

Toodle pip.