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Pleased to meet you. You can call me H0ly.

I think that's as much as we need, really...
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    H0ly ( ... What? You don't believe me?)
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@Vixenkiba: I can't say for sure, I'm going to have to check some things out... I'm hoping so, though ^^
@Billblok: It woulda been but that would be SOME wait haha
@sentiashinou: Boy do you know it
@Guest: For the sake of that not being distracting, the police aren't actually searching for him anymore. They were looking for the thief of Abel's Eevee, and he told Atty that he told them he found it.
Nineteen years later... In a train station... With every one married to their high school sweetheart....


Man though I feel like a bit of a dick for not saying there'd be an epilogue, especially after receiving such kind, heartwarming messages from people. I so appreciate it. It's... Really something.

There's been frustration (in a nice way I'm glad to say) from some readers about the things I haven't explained. Don't worry I feel you haha. Some things I don't intend to explain myself, because they're better left open to interpretation. Somethings I might explain here. Some things were explained in the comic, just subtly. ...And some things I explained less well than I'd like so I'll cover them later haha. I'll be making a video after all this where I can answer people's questions, complaints, and comments. I'm actually really looking forward to it.

Ah'll sithee later.
I agree though, I like the moustache.

Ah'll sithee later.
@Cave: I hope you do! But I'd recommend waiting until after next week first, myself =)
@Vapor: Thank you ^^ It was a last minute decision, I'm glad I thought of it, glad you like it.
What? Yeah.

... Now you see why I was being so slow on the past few pages haha. We made it... We legit got here. Maybe some of you might not be happy with me about this, I'm not sure... Either way, there'll still be an update of sorts next week, so I hope to see you then. I'll talk about the ending and the comic as a whole soon.

Thanks for reading this far. Ah'll sithee later.
Merry upcoming Christmas everyone~
@Night Worker: Me and my sister both drew many attempts for inspiration, and this was what I came up with in the end.
I coulda copied and pasted the old panels but I wanted to redraw them... Cuz a lot of them looked like ass haha. It was actually pretty cathartic, seeing the things that I know now that I didn't back then. I've been drawing this thing for quite a while...

Ah'll sithee later.
Sorry to the people relating to Atty about not being able to draw people xD It wasn't a confession, it was a lie.

Ah'll sithee later.
Thanks for helping keep the word count down Toby.

Ah'll sithee later.
I've been waiting for this moment hahahaha.

Ah'll sithee later.

Ah'll sithee later.
I get this problem all the time too. Having to fight off hot chicks drawn to me by the sheer magnitude of my art. #artistproblems

Oh btw, since Tumblr decided it doesn't like having people on it anymore I went and got myself a twitter.

Ah'll sithee later.
@SOABS: I'm very flattered that you'd say I write villains well, thank you :>
@hardehar: Sorry for such a delayed response. 'Fraid to say there's really no trick to it though xD When I worked digitally here I literally just went and roughed it out and then drew on top of it tidier, all with the basic brush. Wish I could help more.
@Mr. Man: 'Scuse me, I've never forgotten that 8T She just doesn't know.