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Ahh it's good to be back to traditional. Doing it digital did actually make me realize I wanted to try out brush pens, which is what I used for this page. LOVED it!

See y'all soon.
@Oly-RRR: That's very encouraging to hear x3 I'm glad you think so!
I drew a lot of things on that page before I put the text in.

Well... There we have it for Chapter 12. Moving onto chapter 13 (unlucky for some). I enjoyed this chapter a lot, I think it's been one of my favourites. Thanks for reading, thanks for your comments, and thanks to my patreon supporters. You guys help me keep going. I'm going to be taking a couple of weeks off before the next chapter starts, I look forward to seeing you there! I think this next chapter might be. ... Interesting.

If you enjoyed the chapter, please consider supporting me on Patreon! All support is greatly appreciated.

See y'all soon.
@Golb989: Yes but I'm greedy.
@Golb989: That was Al. He was fun to draw, but I miss his dour buddy Caleb more m'self.
The last of my trying out digital inking. It was fun, but I'll be going back to traditional from here on. Much more me.

See y'all soon.
Okay so maybe we're not QUITE done. But you probably guessed that. Do you remember the letter that George gave Atty near the start of the chapter though?

...There are many things that could be on that sheet of paper to give him that expression.

See y'all soon.
What a peaceful end to a long chapter...

I've had a lot of fun with this one. I hope you enjoyed it too.

See y'all soon.
@Biev: I get that a lot. Even before my avatar was a dude.
If this page looks kinda jank, it's cuz I tried out digital inking on this one and the next one. It was a fun thing to try buuut I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to traditional after this. It's just not my vibe.

See y'all soon.
That the narrators words I see? Soon to be another chapter under our belts...

See y'all soon.
@Eeevee: Man I must have read this page so many times, no idea how I missed that. Thanks, fixed!
Atticus. Refusing to believe he's the main character since 2008.

See y'all soon.
@Cave: I kinda miss him too ;3; Least I got him in these flashbacks.
But is she a bitch or a witch? A little consistency is all I'm asking.

See y'all soon.
Always good to end things on a high note I find.

See y'all soon.
Putting down all of Roy's stupidity to 'sleep deprivation' is taking more generosity than Caleb can comfortably muster.
When in doubt, just keep saying affirmative phrases.

See y'all soon.