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I think that's as much as we need, really...
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That's such a sweet expression xD Like "Aww look at him try."
@HVoice: It's a meme xD I ain't really yelling at you all lololol.
One of the better Atty's I've drawn imo.

Oh yeah, and they're back in their usual outfits since now that the Eevee thing's cleared up they don't have to be in disguise anymore. Man it's been a while since I've drawn his jumper... It's good to have it back but I will miss the black void of his hoodie. Such a thing is very good for compositions.

See y'all soon.
@ProEfficiencyHacks: I didn't do any copypaste on this page 8| I copypaste backgrounds and figures sometimes (only if it's two panels next to each other where it's one moment passing to the next and nothing's changed) but that's it.
Originally when I wrote the end of this scene, after Atty offered Bart the cigarette Bart said 'Why not just cut out the middle man and push me off the pier" as he walked off. But as I finished writing the scene (things get planned out of order) I actually realized... No, he wouldn't... After the conversations they've had they kind of... Like each other? I was shocked.

Also I wouldn't feel too bad for him. He did manage to get Atty's Hawaiian shirt.

Ah'll sithee later.
Feel bad for all the hooded dudes who he DIDN'T go near and just ended up stood in a field all night getting cold.

Ah'll sithee later.
Triumph! Maybe?

I generally draw Bart as an adult man but a child seemed to work better for this world. I couldn't give him his rather lovely beard so a mucky ass face works instead.

Ah'll sithee later.
Incidentally, that's the Gentleman trainer class. But you probably knew that.

See y'all soon.
And there he goes.

Sorry for the wait between pages! You might have heard that I was super ill for a while. I'm back though and raring to go!

Ah'll sithee later.
Hey guys! Sorry about the long wait but I'm finally recovered. Man that was a nasty time... I'd had this and the next page half done for ages but just couldn't get them finished. I'm very much hyped to be getting back to doing art again though. Thankyou for all the well wishes ^^ It meant a lot to me.

Ah'll sithee later.
Sorry guys. I hate to do this right after I already took a break, but I'm really quite ill right now and can't work on pages. Hopefully I'll be better again soon and I'll get back on it again as soon as I can. Not being able to work is very frustrating.

See y'all soon.
@Llama: Thankyou ;3; I try. Nice to hear it pays off.
Remember these lads?

Toodle pip.
When I've missed a night's sleep I start accusing people of not actually existing too.

Toodle pip.
Hey ho, it's Bart again. You might recognize him from previous chapters, like- The bit where Atty bumped into him in Cerulean after stealing a TM. And the bit where Atty bumped into him on the boat. He gets around.

See y'all soon.
Cocked up the perspective a little at the end there... I think I was a bit tired and frustrated at the time. Ah well, I'll have other chances in the future.

See y'all soon.
Time flies when you're having fun!

See y'all soon.
@Tamakaiju: He huffs not because he's exhausted but because he's upset and worked up. It has been known that people can become upset sometimes.
Since it's been a long ass time, just in case you forgot, Gabe's been kidnapped. We better get back on that.

See y'all soon.
@Sushi: Alas. He sure didn't mean to but his temper momentarily snapped.