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I think that's as much as we need, really...
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@Guest: Fire proof. Special. Tie up your Growlithe in back yard without it being able to escape leash. Also chains are a pain in the ass to draw and I'm weak.
@Zelkova: Oh there've been a couple here and there, MOST of the time being perfectly friendly and polite commission requests (One was a little odd but this probably isn't the best place to go into that). I don't get so many though, because I guess I'm not known for that sort of thing. I don't tend to throw it around so much afterall. I certainly wouldn't be against it though... If I had the time to be working on any commissions at the moment, that is. One day I might do an NSFW tumblr if I ever manage to gather the balls myself.
@chaos-of-vinnie: Sort of. It wasn't SUPPOSED to have changed since last time... But I wasn't very good at drawing how I meant it to look last time xD
@Guesticle: With a very high goal we might be able to work out one of those thought controlled prosthetics 8V!!
@Jeanadyr: Thankyou very much!! Don't worry, unless my hand falls off or something I promise this story is going right to the end =D
@RazorD9: Hah quite xD Did amuse me much to write it back then.
@Technotoad: Considering all the fire pokemon, and that the primary dog pokemon that a leash would be used for can spew fire, there's probably plenty fireproof leashes available. That's my reasoning.
@The_mad_one: With that one I didn't show 'actual moment of death here's me drawing a man dying and life leaving his body'. That guy had a few... ... fantastically agonizing moments to enjoy after I left him, I'm sure.
@Golb989: Oh yeah... didn't mention that one, did I... *looks to the side innocently*
I like a man who steps into a scene high heeled boot first.

Someone else I haven't gotten to draw in a while... I was tempted to have Atty just crash straight into him. That woulda been fun.

See y'all soon.
@TheJGamer: I was real busy for a while but yep I'm back x3
An exchange I had with my sister, the Hanzo main.

I got a lot of hate for this one, people claiming that I don't know how the game works, or calling me a bitch for being mean to Hanzo and the people who play him. This ain't to be taken seriously. I love the tiddy man. He just happens to be a real hoot to make fun of.
@SeriousJupiter: Oh neither do I. I didn't think about them being easier to draw, but they probably are now that you mention it...

But no, the reason I draw them as rope ladders is that's what they always looked like to me in the original games lol. ...Even though they very much might not be, now that I think about it.
It's been some time...

See y'all soon.
@Guest: Y'know, you're right. I did get told that about eyes recently and then STILL went and forgot to draw it. Lazy of me. Thanks for the reminder, I'll definitely try to include it in the future ^^ And thankyou for keeping up with my work!
@Guest: Sorry! If you mean about me saying I'd be in Manchester, I was away at the time. Manchester's in the North of England. What error did I make btw?
Wrestle him to the ground. Go on Toby.

See y'all soon.
@Kaarin: That's very kind of you to say! I'm glad I could inspire you ^^
@kotor: Thanks man xD <3
@poppyapples: Thanks xD Over the years I've been trying hard to learn how to do night scenes without tones and too much hatching.