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Been on 'ere since 06 AUG 2009 08:08 PM, sometime before that actually, but that was the first time I uploaded anything.


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Wow, this was actually crazy well made? We’re really getting into the nitty gritty now. Good story telling Smiff
Oh god
Oh god oh no, the bad man is gonna do bad things again
Vineski to all, and to all, a good vineski.
S.L. I miss u :c
I can't believe THAT'S the guy who's gonna fuckin' murder everyone in EU.
@Capejedi: -spends the next 30 minutes customizing my character's face, despite knowing I'm not gonna see it for the rest of the game-
@Capejedi: how did you figure it out so quick :(
@G.B.A: -frantic crowbar noises intensify-
wake up sleepy head, things are going boom
But but, why was SMF so ready with his noose and stool
You used my lab... FOR STORAGE ?!
I'm gonna say the Forbidden Word too
oh yeah thats definitely a comic
But god said

-Sent from My Tesla