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Been on 'ere since 06 AUG 2009 08:08 PM, sometime before that actually, but that was the first time I uploaded anything.


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@m.Delto: And an essay question.
Ain’t no comic like a Gyoshi comic cause a Gyoshi comic is so rare, but so well done
Tfw you fucked up again and almost would’ve got all your friends killed if not for magic girl
inb4 plot where Josh gets put on trial for domestic violence
This was way better than whatever trash I was gonna make. This might be my new favourite update. Welcome to the new plot everyone
Also peep that alt text
For he’s a jolly good hat
How to go on a date 101
step 1 : invite another girl
step 2 : ???
step 3 : probably no profit
I made this bcuz I was testing effects and then I felt like it could be fun to make as a filler c:

also that Yoshi needed to die.
I'd like to apologize on our behalf, for the sheer amount of paper work we alone provide.
And in local news!
"ill make you proud smiffy" -explodes-

and in local news, a cure is raining from the skies!
ASM, a Scientist's Mind
I'm back, and here's a nice update, coming at ya in 2 parts, like any good movie would do.
Mfw we’ve come full circle
The true super power of teamwork xddd
Somehow, I don't think those vitamins were legal