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Been on 'ere since 06 AUG 2009 08:08 PM, sometime before that actually, but that was the first time I uploaded anything.


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Nothing goes quite so hand-in-hand like EU, and cripples fighting.
@m.Delto: hes probably also a better Delto, than Delto
All that wandering has to lead somewhere..
but who knows where that could even be! Vineski, everyone!
Who sits on a stool like that?!
@Smiffy SMF <3: neon to msmn : You're weak! And I've outgrown you.
@Mister T: Mym is old enough to party, don't worry officer
We now move away from our regularly scheduled comics..
To continue the events of our mysterious desert wanderer.
If you're here to read EU from the beginning, please click here:
Smiffy was defeated!
Smiffy dropped 1x Key Item(s).
Smiffy blacked out.
remember that time when smiffy didnt hesitate to snap a dudes neck with his kick?
Seems no good deed goes unpunished, go team EU!
Smiff : I sure do wanna be alone
literally everyone within a 80 mile radius : 👀
I fucks with this fr fr gud shit Tay
He did tell him -shrug-

Good work Chaos lol
@Lost3D (resonic1212): Hey, thanks for noticing! However, stating that this is “EU” Trep makes no sense, seeing as Trep has no relation to any character outside of EU, and is solely an EU original character! Hope that clears things up
Wow, this was actually crazy well made? We’re really getting into the nitty gritty now. Good story telling Smiff
Oh god
Oh god oh no, the bad man is gonna do bad things again