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There isn't much i can say about myself, but as far as im concerned, im a complete manga-holic and i enjoy drawing in every free second i have in my life.

Ill be coming up with new titles here and than, but updates may not come on schedule too, seeing that im a procrastinator:X

Anyway, thanks for visiting! <3

Comic progress and status:

H.A.Y.T.T.S?! : Hiatus
LBTL Collab : Hiatus
Others: ?????
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Ho snap, can't wait~ :O
Your really quick on updates o.o
Nice page!
April 28th, 2010
lol, silly silly Shichi~
You did fine~ ^^
But hitching a job at 14? o.o Yeesh, that's brutal xD -this coming from a lazy person. but eh. -

I should start updating this webcomic too >3<"
March 14th, 2010
Shichi! nooo! come back! D8
February 28th, 2010
I really like how this is looking~ x3
February 3rd, 2010
LOL! Poor guy XD
Than please don't hesitate to do so~ x3
( even though every is probably still preocupied due to exams/etcetc. ) owo"
Don't worry! You have plenty of time. ( Im pretty sure anyway, lol )
I can't wait to see your next page~
gasp ;o Franny made the sandvich disapear!
How magical.. lol xD
My last character! I SWEAR OTL
Im serious, i just needed a new character to actually fit into the "delinquent" role. :X I was gonna replace Ren, but than blah.

Name: Mei Tsukaima Or commonly known amongst others as " Heartless "
Gender: Female
Height: 5"5'

Personality: Rough in every prespective you can think of, most can consider Mei as brutal and unforgiving. She doesn't talk much (mostly because she isn't well educated), so in place with her misplaced words, she replaces with her wooden sword; which usually scares off most folks. However, beside her lack of modesty and oddly colored silver hair, Mei possess an unseen innocence.

Biography: Born in the slums of japan, Mei was abandoned as a child due to poverty. However, as luck may have it, she was rescued by a peculiar man and was brought to a place that she could call home.
Along the first 10 years living with the man, Mei had learned much from him despite her lack of education. How to speak, how to write, but most of all, how to defend herself when the time came for self-defence.
Although one year after, tradegy struck, and the man who had brought up herself died mysteriously without a trace of the killer.
Living on her own from than, Mei took over the place, managing the low payments by doing what she did and knew how to do the best. Stealing and fighting.
Still, after her valiant efforts of surviving and even obtaining a reputation around her neighbour hood ( Which she took some sort of pride in ) the authorities finally took her in and put her in a place where they thought would fix her right up. Yuuku Gakuen. A so called "school" out of the slums that would apparently "reform her."

Likes: Money, her sword, winning
Hates: Losing, Not having her sword with her, admitting her softer ( or what she calls "weaker" ) side.
oh mai ;o
you've got quite the story goinh on there~
-waits eagerly for the next page-

I should start my own serious story D:<
For your circle-y needs :D
Im not exactly sure if the same options apply to yours in vCS2 in contrast with my CS4, but this is how i usually do it.

1) Make your selection with the eliptical marquee tool in the shape of either a circle or oval. ( your choice, lol )

2) Fill in your slection with the desired border color~

3) Go to the top where the options are and choose "Select" ( Which in my case is between the Layer and Filter options )

4) From the select list, an option called "Modify" with an arrow pointing right, should be there. Hover over or click it and a sub list should appear.

5) Select Contract than a mini window should pop up telling you how much you would like to contract it by. The number you choose will decide how large your border will be.
( Ex: 1 = brush size 1, etc etc. the higher it goes, the thicker it gets. Its self explanitory )

6) With your new selection, Erase the contents with your eraser tool, or fill it in with white.

7) Fill it in with your text or whatever else you'd liek to put in that sucker. >:D
So blah, another poorly done comic, but heck. Im glad i could do somethingin the midst of this art block~ yay. It makes me feel accomplished xD

So yeah, ill try to post more often to get this webcomic more lively again. >3< If you got any ideas, or have anything you want happen between your characters and mine ( or others of course ) feel free to shoot ideas at me. owo
im in love with the second panel xDDDD
Yeah, same here. :S I should find a way to smugle my characters in or make up new mini stories @.@ Im having the largest case of artist block :X
Astir wouldn't kick his balls cause he thinks Jidai has none? xDDD
Idk, im just guessing, lolol
Can't wait for the next page!
LOL oh god xDDD
THats awsome for your first comic! And the tones are awsome D: - needs to download some new tones -

I wonder what happened..
haha! It really does look like Aoi xDD
I lurv her design~