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I comment when I feel like it lol. keep up the good work. I'm seeing improvement!!
^^^^^ Worst Magic School Author says:

"Awesome Page! =D"
Derideal needed it's own webpage. =D
I love the look on her face on the last panel.
F3d, I've been waiting weeks for
Good job, can't wait until the next page.
Bringing it back!! I've waited so long for this.
The coloring is to die for.
Normally i despise bl and yaoi, but the fact that this barely has any fans is beyond me. I going to fav this and read it. The art is very nice btw.
Awesome page!!!
Nice! I like this page.
Merry Christmas to you too m4n =D
Yay, update!! =D
Sanctum Angel
December 13th, 2007
Funny stuff man, keep it up!!!
Ozzy helped set up the japanese myspace that's why he's there. Kento Kawasaki learned that the hard way too.
|)ude +his (omic \/\/as 7he 0n;y |2eason | |/\|ent ()n 5mack _|eeves. Good luck on the exams man.
This is one of the best comics on Smackjeeves d00d, keep up the awesome work.
L00|<i|\|g G0{}|} /\/\@/\/, keep up the good work ^_^
/\/0!!!! touch/grab technology (that what i call it lol) I'm digging the coloring yo!!
Ah oh, There's about to be a fight!! lol
oh dear
I noticed your avatar on the card and I'm really digging his pony tail d00d