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Sequential Illustration ba student, likes robots, sentai,horror,sci-fi, ultraman, indi comis, small press, bio comics and a bunch of other stuff.
fave artists.
seth, joe matt,will eisner,charles schultz, chris ware, yoshitaka amano,junji ito, Tatsumi Yoshihiro,and osama tezuka
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October 27th, 2009
thank you for all ya comments so far, its always nice to hear:)
my new com :)
October 24th, 2009
thank you for you comment ryank_119, your city folk comic is very funny:)
oooh! I want more! thanks for updating, it wa great~~ ^__^ i'm very muh enjoying this story right now!! ='D

i appologize for not being on my own account =S i love how suave dei is, she's so fisty when she wants to be, go her !!! 8DD

this is 3osknight btw DX just in case im posting as joe again

i wonder if he's a different a twin...?? =0

either way, greaaat directing of these pages, fabulous pacng =D I like that the pages are bigger!! <3
oh shoot!

this is me, 3o-s knight btw! oops xD; using joe's account
*laugh* XD this page is brilliant!
I don't know why but i'm beggning to see the meaning of 'head over heart' am i right or...? anyway ! I love dmei's expression here! xD and i too was like 'WTF?!' when he said that o_o;!! I wasn't expecting this sort of turn around!
uu... ;_;

i feel very nervous for her right now.,,,,oh gee.....

urgh this comic is so addictive right now, its gotta be easily one of the most addctive comics i am reading >_< ffs

keep updating!
also, thanks to 3o-s-knight for pimping and having a link to my page:)
thank you all for commenting.
its really nice to get some feedback on my work :)