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I like reading, mostly fantasy, mystery and detective books/comics/visual novels. I also like to play games, like Harvest Moon, Summon Night, Princess Maker ect.
But the most of all I love to draw :3
@campanella: Thanks :D
I'll try to finish the other one soon :))
I almost forgot about renting a room D:

So I'll take the fashion designer one :3
I'll try to finish my other character's art soon :)
Haha, I really like the second panel XD

Hm, maybe you could use a little different colour scheme? Just to see if it might look more interesting o3o
I already had voted for you, but still, congrats XD
July 3rd, 2011
Lol at the third and fourth panel XD
July 3rd, 2011
Ah, the captain is such a bully...
July 3rd, 2011
I really love this page! So serius on beautiful~
July 3rd, 2011
Man, the cover is just so awesome looking!
Hmm, I wonder what the condition is?

By the way, I really love their hair XD
Pffft, I just realized that I haven't commented on this comic at all D:
I should change that~

@ the page
Yeah, it's kind of hard to believe in suicide if the weapon was in someone elses hands...But I guess, it's possible?
This made me laugh, a lot XDDD
Awww, a year-long hiatus D:? And it's one of the comics for what's updating I really look foward to(and even comment!).
But at least I still have your other series and it will be a hiatus, not the end of this series...Right XD?
Pft, poor Chou XD
I like the first panel a lot *W*

And is that a camera I see? >:D
I so want to see the next page D:
Haha, Chou knows too much XD
It doesn't mean that he has to be cheating right away, Chou, he can be just hiding something else.
...Not that it might be any better XD

AB type is the universal recipient? It does make sense, with the names at least, and it's interesting to know~

Also, going to check out the new series now then~
Haha, I like that girl XD
Just randomly beginning to talk about her life and so on, it's amusing XD
She looks so adorable~ *W*