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Blitz's Lemonade Stand:

Read it
Live it
and buy some freakin' lemonade for pete's sake (i still cannot figure out who pete is D:)

For X-mas, i want to get rid of my laziness. wait, thats something to get rid of, not to get. fine, then i want a hovercraft. derp.
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Take care of yourself, we're all here to support you too <3
does anyone here remember me o.o
did someone call my name? I've been dead on SJ too long to notice...
Let it die until no one remembers me
Anyone remember me? Me either.
I should upload that bidoof comic i made a long ass time ago
Anyone remember when I couldn't use Rotom in this comic because Josh said it was a legendary? Yeah...good times...
@Xetrint: Its been going on for forever. I honestly would get bored making the same thing for so long so I have no idea what on earth is going on in Lug's mind.
Wait...what happened to Pikachu? ;-;
1) They haven't said KH3 ISN'T on the Wii U yet ;)

2) Disappointing? Did you not see Microsoft's stuff? If you find the Nintendo stuff disappointing then I have no idea what kind of monstrosity you find their stuff...

3) Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World were great what are you talking about?

4) Villager is amazing too :o
18 MAY 2009 08:00 AM

The day this comic took a step into boredom.

I respect your religion and all but I don't think it really translates well into this comic.
Reasonable decision. After the nostaliga boom I left to competitive VGC. I did my best, I have no regrets.
You should've had Shoutmon say 'Its a secret to everyone!'
I love Marly for this oh so much.
I think the hood needs to be bigger because of his massive quills. They are never that short.
Probably Grass/Dark Fire/Psychic Water/Fighting

also I want RSE remake still...anyone else? :c
Yeah it didn't let me do that until I had the updates. Pretty stupid.