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I really like anime art, but I'm not that big of an anime fanatic. ** gets shot'd **

I do really like Aishiteruze Baby though. You can see the influence it has on me. XD

I also like volleyball, and I like hanging out with buds, online or offline. YAH. I have a life. :>

I don't like waiting in lines, geometry, ginger, or sad/mean/negative things. Oh. And I don't like moths. They're icky.
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Thanks for telling me this, but the drawings from this comic was from about a year ago. I'm aware that this was badly drawn and I didn't have any fashion sense back then.

But I'm wondering why you're flaming me? I don't know what stepped on your tail, but you might want to consider that this comic is pretty old and I've moved on.
August 25th, 2007
Hey~ there's a Volcano Tea House in the local mall I go to. o 3o

And I forgot to put this on my fav list, silly me. XD

I really like the idea of this comic~~
Naaaari! You're so far ahead of me now. ; o;

Wondering markering! The colors are so smooth. O:
... HI! :D
Why did I suddenly update? 'cuz I thought that I should probably do something to keep me drawing. Read news post for more? @ w@

Well, I just want to say that it was a little hard to retain the original style of the comic, since I've kinda moved onto soft coloring and painting my CGs.That, and I find inking very tedious, now. > x<

(( shameless plug: if you want to see better art, check out my dA))
Duuuuude. When did you start making flash animations? I've been away from SJ for too long. O:
Sounds like that one guy my friends told me about. The one that thinks icky thoughts about most every girl who's smaller than him. X X;

'cept he's prolly not as smooth as Andy. I avoid him like the plague.
Does he know what that means? XD
I loved how something that could've been a serious conversation just turned into something funny. ;D
So we're not supposed to understand this guy, right?
I love how he's spilling his drink. I just love that little detail. <3
ACTUALLY~ I kinda stopped. XD;;; <3

Buuuut. I plan on working on it -- some~time. XD;;;

I just lol'd when I compared his image of Giselle -- and then that last pane.

Awesome work on this page. C:
oh gosh, I lol'd at the last two panels. I just love how you did that.

May I ask -- did you just kinda wonder what he'd look like with a smile?
Marion looks so innocent in the first panel! > w<
Oh gosh. I bet his mom said something like, "WHY IS HE SPANISH?"

Like my mom would. > 3<;
Oh my, that smirk.

BTW, I really like how you drew his hand in the fourth panel. O:
Eeee~ Your story telling skills are awesome~

As with your drawing, you're getting better with every page. O:
So why's he eating it with a fork? XD
"I'll set up the keyboard."

"I'll get the other music stuff."

"I'll crash on the couch."

"Great, I'll get the pot."

I say -- maybe scooting the sword to our right might fix the left arm problem. c:

But -- I bet you're like me. Finish a page, "OKAY I'M DONE."


It seems to me that it'll be a little unfair though, no? He's bigger than her with a bigger sword. XD