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Wouldn't u like to know.
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    Call me Blast.
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update more often or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it wouldnt let me do PNG
who likes my new avi? marcus made it 4 me. its kinda messed up when i loaded it though.
yeah, I'm here with my updated sprites. I'll try using Blitzn'Burst's paint.NET too for the fight when I'm over at his house.
hey, I'm not dead :D I just don't update a ton. Don't blame me. Blitz is actually truely my neighbor, so he told me. I'll be making the fight. -Blast
What he said. Plus dont plan us in any battles til we are back
ya, basically. I dont use them all. There are just there if I want to use them.
Here are my new sprites 4 the tornament.
what the heck, I'll bunk with scepter. :D
I made it short and simple cuz its only my intro. long battles will b later. :)
I have a feeling there is a ghost generator in the original authors only room. XD I'm not kidding though. Marcus, u should totally agree to that. Or the pool room. XD
never mind dont need it
I cant find the pool background sprites! I need them 4 my intro
Can I join? If so, send me an invite. I want to bunk with Knux. NOT Metal Knux. Just Knux. Here r my sprites:
@ tech
I know that. But thx
I just made them today! sheesh. but I'll make more.
Can I bunk with Blitz? I'll edit the door.
Didnt I already post these?