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prince sparks the jolteon
i love games, there one of my favourite passtimes. i especially like pokemon and jolteons (alot X3) so yeah. my best friend Finn (the eevee bro) and me love to make webcomics and were both fans of the comic National dex (he cant get on computer much so he hasnt been able to see a load a pages)
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really sorry guys...
its just too much like ND so bye-bye totally insane.
:( :( :(
new page finally! your trouble's are over (but theres aren't).

oh btw if you were wondering what the hold up was drawing an onix and a staraptor is harder then it sounds (and it sounds pretty hard already!).
well the thing is I made a stickman almost exactly the same a few weeks ago (p.s i like it!)
Epic comic! nice Work Fi...Nightmare.
first one of my pages.
its giving me eye damage!!!>:O
welcome back
with an animation!
Welcome to the comic
hope you enjoy it
i told you it was pretty obvious
so yes you are correct and its
an onix
pretty obvious
what pokemon they are but if you want to guess go ahead

oh and one more thing, yes I
know the arms look creepy...
ruby and pearl are over
but It says up the top that there gonna get captured
and im not gonna break a promise..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
just one thing if you were confused on EP1 page4
the squiggly is just to symbolize going to a flashback so im gonna change it to say "afew weeks ago" for any noobs who might read this comic (that means you alex)
a little message to ALEX!!!
a little friend of mine told me all about you and heres a few things:
1.the thing you call "a yellow dog is called a jolteon, look it up!
2.yes I do read housepets but you need to make an account if you want to be an author said your author of housepets but you got the wrong comic and no account NOOB!
blaze looks evil
blaze angry, thats something you dont see everyday, and
hopefully never again, too bad that you will.
blaze is calm...
blaze hurry! Find your happy place!!
bout time!
oh and new quiz guess what move Ruby is gonna use?

updates soon!
and another quiz!
what pokemon is the king? clue: there is none,this one
is easy.

Btw, if you read this page and it doesn't make sence heres the order of panels you read ,1st panel, 2nd panel (top), 3rd panel (side) and then the bottom panel.
thats gotta hurt...
Moral:never duck while being
attacked by an angry jolteon
sorry that I haven't updated in a while, the internet
been completely screwed for the last few days so I
have a load of comic pages ready (in other words, 3)
so anyway bresong, did you use the info up at the top of the comic to answer that question?