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Yo! My main account got loaded with random collabs, so I'm going to use this one just for my major/solo/onexone comics.

Most of these comics were started about five years ago and were never touched, so just an fyi

This is my other account:


Comics (in no particular order):

Koshi (Independent; Started/Hatus)
MAS (Practice; Discontinued)
DumbingDownofLove (OnexOne; In Progress)
OzStory (Independent; Unstarted&Pending.)
SimgleSymmetry (Independent; Unstarted&Pending.)
RobotStory (Independent Short; Unstarted&Pending.)
YaoiCivilWarStory (Independent; Unstarted&Pending.)
BlueGumdrops (Independent; Unstarted&Pending.)
RedCandy (Independent; Unstarted&Pending.)
AFuutatoKissintheDark (OnexOne; In Progress)
KeepMeChangeMeLoveMe (OnexOne; Started/Pending)
DemonStory (Independent; Pending.)
TulipStory (Series of Oneshots; pending)

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omg is that a tokyo ghoul reference? 8DDDDD
also omg look how cute he is
and might i add that i /love/ the rules of this collab! The fact that you made room for the gender spectrum is really impressive and cool!!!
gomen for any art repetition.
but yay! Look at all those me's.
it turned out she was joking. i get worried sometimes but she's so cool about it
August 25th, 2014
yeah. this happened.
she liked my drawings for her <333
i wanted to give my girlfran a hug but drawings would be what I could do!!
get outta my face with that cute shit
convos with the girlfran
what, did you think it would be something different?
when i get really happy, this is what happens.
August 25th, 2014
secret girlfran
August 25th, 2014
got a girlfran
August 25th, 2014
actually i drew these on christmas eve 2013
i like to cause trouble with my ocs
talking in comic form to them is fun
i was going through a major depression for a few years. Also I don't smoke. It's a metaphor. (lol)
gonna upload some comics from over the years. i think this one was from 2009 or 2010
Grossest? Or the most awesome.
Circle yes or no.
How nice. She drew him a rocket ship. That must mean she really likes him.
Kuso! It took me a whole seven seconds to recognise that Maggie was wearing Dragon Ball Z cosplay. Seven seconds too slow! Kuso! Kuso! Bakaaa! Kawaii! Baka! X__@;;;
"...It all came together!"
Kind of like connecting the dots, huh. Only with a portal to hell. Yeah.
What just happened? Who cares, con tickets!

In any case, teacher dude just got like, twenty times cooler just now.