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Luna Prongs
I like to play with my hamster, Peanut Butter, I like to play games on my Wii/GCN (namely Resident Evil 4), and I love to go on the internet and make stuff like comics and stories :3
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You do know Knuckles' eyes are purple, not blue, right? >.>
I'm so upset that this is over. I'm glad to have read it while it's still all the hype. I wish you could've done other games..seeing you imitate Black Ops and stuff like that would've been funny as hell! (You don't HAVE to just do Valve, do you? :P)
But, as those dreams will not be fulfilled, I wish you great luck in all of your other comics. Thank you for this blessing you've given us. :3
Oh my god, this look almost exactly like him! He'd totally dream about something like this. Thank you so much, Secret Santa! :DDD
Worst game ever? I'm surprised none of you said SUPERMAN 64. *shudders*

I'm gonna miss this comic, Keetah. You're truly talented and this game makes me feel like I'm not the only non-n00b Steam gamer out there. I play with Russians on Left 4 Dead. Now THAT is difficult. Because I don't know how to speak Russian :P
What game is this, again?

And, awwwww..I love this comic..
Congrats! You deserve it. I may have been a contributor to your 500+ fans, me being a newer fan of Hotarugari. I'm surprised you're not in the manga business; your artistic and story-writing skills are far superior to many on SmackJeeves :3 when I'm near another Neko! It's so obvious...I hope I'm right!"
Have you noticed that the avy is missing the Courage bit?
I know I haven't even posted anything since I joined; I feel dumb that all I've ever made was a good dummy review. :P I would make one as swiftly as possible for tomorrow to get to you, but dammit, my family's coming over to celebrate my goddamn birthday. -.- I'm going to make one tonight if I have time and send it to you. I'll post more reviews, I swear it! :D
So..we should finish by..when??
Wait, where's the list then? -.-
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed ANYTHING since I joined. I'm a lazy person, so I had no desire to finish any reviews I started, what with all of my other comics. But I do have a desire to stay in this comic, and I will try to make more reviews. Could I review whatever I want, then? If so, I'll do The Legend of Mushroom Kingdom by Thriller Man.
Tails, the Ilbis Trigger? LOL.
Try to prove yourself by looking around for a town and helping others with the skills you have.
LOL, I made this for you, Mr. X. I'm not exactly the best at drawing in PS and Paint because I have no scanner on my printer to show my better hand-drawn things. All in all, I hope you liked it :3
Thanks a ton, Molly-sama. It's adorable :D

I can't wait to find out! :3
That's awesome! Thanks! :D