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FE: ES -- Depends on who's posting, but it's active.
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LOL. I love the last panel where Pepe
s is just strolling along, strutting and showing his goods, hahahaha.

I actually quite like the way of the storytelling, not much dialogue, but most games, even FE, is based on dialogue, so it's a good thing!

Well! I guess it's my turn now!
Also, I guess I'll open up the Shop tab next time we have a side chapter!
Alright, it's been a while since I've uploaded something, but here it is! I guess Elchi's up since she said she has an idea for Pepe & Vadre! And after that, it's me again /groans heard everywhere/.

I didn't wanna bore you guys by making you keep clicking just for the menu so we'll just be straightforward.

Let's hear who wants their supports to be featured here.
I was thinking about a Tonto & Uschi one, hahaha~

Also, the BG image is from Google.

I'm too lazy to whip something up. Maybe someone wants to draw the BG next time?
Alright! It's time for a side chapter and then Ch. 4!
Haha, Tonto looks like a squirrel/beaver in the last panel.

And you made Anfashi's shadow look like... NERGAL. What if it was really him? From an alternate univerrrrrse??
Doctor Robert! Thanks for commenting! I'm so glad that there are other fans, except for the artists, that enjoy the comic! We'll give it our best to continue on!
I just heard from Lizz that you were doing the page, and to my surprise, you uploaded it today! Yay!

Anyways, I think Tonto is going to start falling for every man in the army, haha. I love how Lily is silenced by Tonto's stupidity.
I actually updated the page with when the OCs appear. Since Zero's OCs are erased, some of the OCs will need new recruitment methods like Dubbie and Nopu, etc.

I'll update the forum with the information!
BTW, he's noted for his eyelashes, the scar on his right cheek and his protruding chin. And his violet eyes. And that hideous shirt of his.
Let me be the one to break the streak of non-updates for the comic in the meantime.

Anyways, my new OC Zach/ Zachary. He likes it when you call him Zackie-poo.

We lost a Wyvern Rider OC so I figured I make one up on the spot. After all, all of my OCs are mounted units anyways :\

Annnnnd we're missing something that ALL FEs HAVE: A skirt-chaser, a man who needs to get punched in the dick from time-to-time, a man who spouts utter nonsensical flatteries at the female race constantly, a WOMANIZER. And yes, so have a AbelAlecSaulSainFordeGatrieInigoetc character!

And yes, his wyvern is perverted. Like him. Even more so. Anyways, have fun!
I should be kicked for being so late. And this is pretty much all copy and paste...

Well, I was busy and I had to like... work a lot. OTL

Welp, here's the new page.
Our lord finally made his appearance!
Hey guys! Still a mystery! Who exactly is that person behind the door? You'll know by next page! C:
...That Jigglypuff is HUGE.
Whoever you are, I definitely spent the most detail on your eyes.
Okay guys! This time, Elchi drew Anna and we're continuing onto Ch.4! Woohoo!

I'm putting this out there, but if anyone wants to draw Anna, you're welcomed to. Just gimme the picture and stuff, haha.

Anyways, let's get going and retrieve our special character! C:
Silvue-- Actually, their lord is that moustache man in the first page of the comic.

Lizz-- Haha, yeah. It's been a while. Thankfully I had our convo saved so I could look back and what we typed about.
Are we leaving for Chapter 4, at last? Y/Y?
So yeah, I disappeared for a LONG-ASS time and I don't have anything to blame except for me and possibly real life.

And my scanner which I've been trying to work and FINALLY got it to work. On my old laptop. I couldn't install the driver on this new laptop even though it worked before :\ Stupid Windows 7 64 bit...

Anyways, here's the long-awaited support convo. I have something coming up for the comic again so I'll be the one updating again, but don't worry, I won't make you wait. Seriously. I just have to color and scan.

Note:: This is the first time that you guys have seen Vadre full bodied, huh? Well, Vadre is wearing this leg guard that protects his knees, under his shin guards, and protects his ass for horse riding. Just something you guys might want to make a note of.

And both guys are colored in their respective colors. The colors doesn't really represent the colors that they're wearing...
Honestly, I liked the paid service that Elchi had before. And she's right: it has more customization so people are drawn to it.

And ES is something we've been doing for a while and if other people are upset about it, well, we were here first, haha. And some people have been like... dead so maybe we can replace them with the characters that haven't been introduced?

I dunno. Whatever is fine with Elchi is fine by me. I'm not a picky person.