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aahghalfna;lfk I love this comic. I just orz. -dead-
I didn't see that coming.
I thought Blythe was a bit more honest than that.
I think you did a great job, I always think you did a great job.

And I totally get it! X)
AH, Feel better. I hope you solve the thing that is causing you to have such a bad mood.
Also these updates were great! I love the way they interact, even if it is not flashy. I like this.

And and, always up to looking up new authors. I'm terrible at choosing books, so recommendations is the way I go about things. X)
I wonder how Ruthie will react. I really want to know.
2 years? Doesn't feel that long! I had to look back, my god the art has changed! Of course it did! Oh found my very first comment. Ah~ I never like commenting but it was really cute.

Congrats on the two years and on your super duper pretty shop.

Oh~ Blake, I can understand that anxiety. I learner from my Marriage and Family class that people date others with the same mental something, state, health... I can't remember words... and this looks like Blake is dating someone that takes him out of his comfort zone. I think that's good!
I'm always impressed when I see confident, rational people. I don't see that much, I live in a small town, suppose I haven'
t met enough people.

And if I was tied up I would have a heart attack! Though the hair thing, I wouldn't mind.

Your birthday? Happy day then.
I know people my age and older that still get offended by the little things. I have good friends that don't get offended and tell me when I've done wrong. Being in my 20s helps my mental stability though, lol. And Blythe is definitely a confident woman.
Feeling better tnx for the Phoenix Down. I am revived! Good thing, I start school tomorrow.

Aw, it's nice to have friends like that. I think it's kind of rare to find friends who won't get offended by your opinion. This is moves nicely, I love it. Or maybe I've been watching too much Real Housewives (bitches be unreasonable and crazy). Either way, I love the personality you gave these two.
I'm sick too, but not very, so I hope you get better!

These dorks, I like them, they think. Or take a step back. idk.

I feel gross(snot)
Lmao, these guys. Who hasn't seen this scene before?

Nah, it was bad, my holiday. Family drama never good. But now I am housitting my friends house. So now I am good, with a house full of animals.

I hope you had a good holiday.
I would play like this if I get comfortable!
I don't know. IT FREAKIN ADORABLE!! I know they are having issues with each other. But I like how they are interacting.
I've never been in a dating relationship so I can't give any personal insight on it. I really don't know what guys want and I don't understand what girls want, at the least the very stereotypical version of what dating is and what people want out of them.

I'm sure Blake, as much as he likes her would like to satiate his sexual desires. Especially when he isn't use to it, from the look of it at least. I don't know.

I'm loving Blythe. My first thought was she is growing up. She is making her own person, and going for her goals.
I don't mean to think this, but I think Blake isn't at the level of Blythe and would pretty much be in the way of her doing her own thing.
Like one has a teenage mindset the other has an adult mindset. One wants to play all the time, the other knows when to play and when to get serious. Blake is living in lala land.
Same with whoever said about 'almost crying.' Especially when Sasha snapped at them when they were just not saying not nice things about Ruthie. Must have snapped since she was basically the one comforting him and he just needed to get it out how upset he was.
We have those days, don't we? Were just look for a chance to blow up.

And you are amazing already! I love your comic and I'm happy to have been there since the beginning I think. Or near it, I don't remember. I love your art. It's very mellow and it has lovely expressions and colors. I love it!

Poor SASHA!! Can't turn it down! I love the looks the people with the unrequited love have. UGH MY HEART!!
Following you on tumblr~~

Blake as insensitive as he can be he is still trying to be nice to Daisy. Who is asking to get slapped. She is very bratty. Though I know she likes Blake not that it's an excuse for her behavior, I don't think Blythe deserved to be insulted.
Though personally I also think Blake needs to cut his relationship with Daisy, don't think being nice and trying to be friends will work. Especially how Daisy can be.
Sounds like fun. I'll see what i'll follow.
Hahaha I understand what you mean. Always hope that the person will appreciate it and go along with it.
Of course I like it, usually one of the reasons I come check up on Smackjeeves.

Ahahah, Daisy makes it so easy for me not to like her. How obnoxious can one get? ahahah
Ruthie is really sweet. Instead of worrying about herself and how she felt, she decided to comfort Sasha. Good friend.