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Something I'm using in the next comic.

I am working on that, by the way.

This is the last one of these, I think.

Observe: the "Jordan Action...Twirl...thing!"

So here is Redric, with both a leg and an arm ablaze, doing a ridiculous jump kick. Kids, don't try this at home.

You may fall down and hurt yourself.

Wow. I really need to darken this.

I'll do that soon.

Riley is interesting in that, as a robot, he actually is constructed of component parts. So making a sort of assembly line of parts of sprites is actually a legitimate thing to do.

That's my justification anyway. It's also much easier!

I've noticed that whenever I make a new style of sprites, they end up being taller.



More Redric. Being awesome.


Costumes! Huzzah!

And yes, as the title suggests, there are more than one of these.

Aaaand more character design.

More characters who will almost surely take years to ever show up again.

Come to think of it, that sort of makes these something like a glimpse into the future, huh?

Ahh, character design!

With ninjas!

Whee! Pretty colors!

I didn't include Stanton's mace in the color image because, as it turns out, black on black doesn't make for very good contrast.

Thanks! That was what I was going for.

Glad you like it!
Heat vision for the win!
Alright, I uploaded this ahead of time, so I know it will be updated when I say it will. Or, at least, it won't need me to do it.

Well, this is late. I had it scanned in and everything, I just couldn't upload it. Too much going on, with vacation and all.

Here it is now, anyway. Enjoy!

Fun fact: if you look closely, you can see the next next storyboard through the page.

You would not believe how many things came up that might have made me miss this update. And then how few of them actually had any effect at all.

Well, I'm on track for now. Let's see how long it stays that way!
Here's something new: storyboards! This is the one for the first strip of the redo of Moriarty! (You can already find the real thing at the Moriarty page).

I'm thinking that I'll update with one of these a week before the comic comes out. I can even say something like: "Next time on Moriarty: Fire!"

Heh. Fire...
Alright! After a break of exactly one year, I'm back with a new beginning and a lot more pixel art!

This time, I plan to update once a week, and I have sketches for up to (currently) six comics ahead. Hopefully, things will go according to that plan!

There are a few things I might tweak about this really soon, so don't be surprised if I edit it!