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A description of myself? I'm a procrastinator, an art student, and a very loyal fan of many comics >;D

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    wer bin ich?
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Thank you for not being deceased! As always lovely lovely art :)
Your style is freaking awesome and so is this comic <3-loves- :D
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December 22nd, 2010
I can't believe I just found this comic
I don't know if you'll get to see this or not, but hey why the hell not ? I absolutely love this comic, you're style is to say the least beautiful <3
You have so much talent <3 I hope you're pursuing it! :D
I'm also hoping you'll update sometime, i'm addicted to this story :]
p.s. do you have a deviantart? D:
-marries you... again-

<3 ... This page is sexy, you beasty <3 draw more dance poses ;D -WINKIE-
ILU >// u ///<
O// ^ //O
I wanna know what he's going to give him so badly...
Poor little Leon, alan's such a meanie face! D'; Well we know Carl has to cheer him up now ;D
I don't know do you? -smile- leon's hair is not a *mop* head. tis beautiful and that's that~
*dies laughing* oh gosh yes I know X3 fweee thankyou for updating ;w; you just made my world oh so more amazing <3
faha, just realized that the page before this said " oh god please don't let him have any stds" got a major gigglefest from that anywho~ love this page ; u ;
... oh my gosh! a pat of the shoulder = the very first glimpse of progress, is this the good doctor's first sign of affection?It's very suspenseful! I'm constantly wondering when dr. mcdreamy alex and/or victor will make the first move ... i'm dying over here XD

~~edit : as for the killing this comic thing, that is in fact entirely up to you, i'm going to be honest this comic is really the only reason why i come to this website the rest of my favorites have crashed and burned~ or just not getting anywhere~
1.) you're an amazing artist if you think you have an opportunity to pursue something which you feel you benefit more from, well who are we to stop you?
2.) although you feel this is a waste of time it's probably one of the best stories about due to it's great plot and art, perhaps if you wish to feel more accomplished you could look into printing it? i'm sure many people (myself included) would be interested in purchasing it~ not only would you have a completed graphic novel, you would have even more of an accomplishment...

3.) going back to numero uno, seriously stop and think, where do you intend to go in life? do you benefit from this? is this a source of confidence and happiness?

I've gone onto a monster rant i don't even know anymore my eyes hurt... i should probably end this with "you have many adoring fans, you yourself are a inspiration to those who watch this comic, you are free to think your thoughts, however you must know, this is not a *waste* of time, you bring a smile to our faces whenever you update... yes i've totally confused everyone now... i'll shut up now~

edit;; when I wrote this my vision was blurred and my eyes were killing me, so heads up i'm sorry for my spelling & grammatical errors
FWAA I love the way you drew him! :'3
awwwww this page makes me wanna hug Victor, he looks so lovable :'D ... hear that Alex? victor needs a hug D:<

... You sounded so mischeivious the first time I read "What else can happen? hehe" ...oh lord I'm dying to know what you've got planned now XD
haha :'D I still get a chuckle out of this page <333333 wheee! thankyou thank thankyou thankyou for updating!
pft, I love Leon and his friend's rant :3

... BTW I do love the way you draw food XD
I'm curious now D; why is Shiratori being so nice ?
-gasps- he's a playboy now? D; b-but victor is going to win over his heart and he'll give up his polygamist ways right? :'D
~ BTW I agree Victor does look so sad </3 )':
Wait one darn second, he does already have a lover? D': pft, well this won't do~
Why the hell did I just discover this comic? it's amaaaziinnnn <3