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Here's a cocktail for you!
What would happen if you took a broken Pokédex entry, applied anime logic to it and throw in the announcer from Pokémon Stadium just for good measure?

This comic!

To Fav:

(I really need to remember to update this site when I update at the Middle Grounds.)
Happy Belated Easter!
How was your Easter by the way? Mine sucked, thanks for asking!

To Fav:
United We Fall!
First comic without any use of Flash! That's a rarity.

To Fav:
Belated April Fool Special!
...have I ever actually posted up a special on time?

Well April Fools' Special is a uh...special case. Unlike other specials, this one is a yearly thing showing-casing a fake or two each time starting with this one kindly provided by Joel.

To Fav:

By the way, no comic next week. I need to breathe.
And that's a wrap!
That's the end of fifth gen month. Kind of anti-climatic really...

To Fav:
God Damn It!
I did it again! Oh well...don't forget to check this comic as well as last week's issue...that I only posted up just recently. I really need to keep better track of my updates.

To Fav:
You never know....
...what you're really getting into.

To Fav:
Kick it off Black and White!
All through March this comic will be focusing on only fifth generation Pokémon starting with a special for Black and White...even though the Special is cheating somewhat.

To Fav:

Don't forget to check the Skitty comic as well.
Forgot to add last week's comic. Here it is.

To Fav:
Sex Trafficking
Proof that Pokémon promotes it.

To Fav:
First 5th Gen Comic!
And Black and White aren't even out yet! Still, I will never complain about static electricity again.

To Fav:
...this comic had some two weeks ago when I started.

If you've been following the Middle Grounds, then you would know full well why the lack of updates over the last few months. If not, then stay in the dark.

To Fav:
Aren't they cute?! ^^
By the way, if you know why this comic isn't updating much lately, go to the Middle Grounds.

To Fav:
Just one of the many examples.
Excuse me for being late...
...but I was busy ditching all class and maturity this comic had.

To Fav:
And back...again
Now that the competition at MG is over, updates will return to normal.

To Fav:
Through the wonders of my sprite editing!
It's still Sunday somewhere...
...I think. Oh well, new comic and now with more fifth gen cameo goodness!

Anyway I'll cut right to the chase; I don't know how much I'll be able to update my comic in the next few weeks or so. I'll try to keep it weekly, but it depends on RL and I don't know how long this could last for To pass the time, I'll hosting a little competition on Middle Grounds so feel free to have a look.

To Fav:

Competition Details:
I've heard that theory. Thing is, if one was to go by other possible mothers, then there's a whole egg group of possiblities. Problem is only a Female Marowak and a Ditto can lay a Cubone egg. Also a baby Kanghaskhan has the wrong eyes for it to be a Cubone.
Why does Kangashan hatch fully grown with baby included in the games?