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I am a spriter, a skilled one :P but saddly I have a bad imagination.I really got nothing to say, so yea.
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July 12th, 2013
I like Dominque's face in the last panel c:
July 1st, 2013
I'm gonna assume he is gonna disinfect the wound :U Out of all ways, disinfecting a wound like that is far less painful than the usual. Buuut, something's gonna happen and it's gonna hurt... I wonder why I have these magical feelings? :o
June 17th, 2013
LIVER! dats it... -3-
June 17th, 2013
Lets see.. From my medical knowledge.. Doesn't he also need to remove the bullet out of the wound? otherwise she'll get lead poisoning which is lethal... Also by the location of the wound, it looks like as if it may have damaged a liver/kidney (Sorry, I get the two mixed up >o<) Lets just hope dat the power of FRIENDSHIP can help her! :o
May 30th, 2013
dexter with Nuh hat? I wanna see NAO!
Is back!
I is back! Bitches
btw my grammar is best c:
oh well, :P I dont think I should still be a author, cause I am addicted to a game called 'Fallout 3' so I may not get a chance to add pages anyways :P
so why you removed meh? D:
ok I wasn't on because I was grounded, but What happened to the rest of the comic? I really want to know what happened!
O_O holy crap I think Chease's eyes at panel 2 moved to the left very quickly. O_O DID I IMAGINE THAT?
I still think its rouge :P
well it maybe either amy or rouge, I say it may be rouge, my reason is because, The green eyes, now if we think it better detail, she wants to steal the master emerald, so... he could mean by a gleam of the master emerlad in her eyes, but, it could be amy seeing she was not so long ago in a fight, but I pick rouge :P
But he has no arms in this page xD
I see Dark Sonic, I ashume he turns into his dark form in this chapter. I guess I will be a fan seeing your as good as me making comics :P
well could someone at least give me permission to make pages?
shes a guy? it said she was the "brother" of green...
yea :P but I guess it still kinda incourage kids to eat mushrooms..
well I think the mario series is suppost to teach kids that mushroom make you big and strong so kids decide to eat mushrooms. but thays what I think...
I just wonder though, dark nebula is the ruler of the underworld and he is put in a chest... if he was a ruler then how did he got in there? I mean he would be strong enough to get out himself...
@locoroco1 easy he went past the open door and closed it behind him... pretty obvious