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Hi. :D
What're my hobbies? Well, drawing obviously. c: I also like using charcoal and oil paints, though I'm pretty new to the oil paints..
But, yeah. I like anime, yaoi especially. >///> But, I also really like Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, and South Park.
But um..yeah.
I'm boring. =.=;
Ooo the facial expressions from Dake are FIERCE! :D
BLAAAGH here we start colouring the pages. :3
Because I like colours better.

Sailor Suit had that one coming from a mile away. Awesome.
Your art style is so attractive and eye catching. <D Awesome job.

He is adorable <3
I like this page so much more...ahhh~
Love the dude in the Sailor school uniform. You see some scary things at conventions lol
Bargle. That is all.

Would anybody be able to give me tips in toning at all? ;_; I'd really appreciate a few tips.

HELLO AND WELCOME BACK. I would first like to apologize for the retardedly stupid, unexpected hiatus this comic went on. So, so sorry. T_T

I'm not too sure what happened 3 months ago, but everything just kinda went plltthh for us, and we could NOT for the life of us crank this page out. I personally was having difficulties, since i wanted this page to be a little more dynamic than the last 2, and I just couldn't draw it.

But after a visit from my friend (who's working on this with me) we managed to discuss what we needed to do, and tadaaaah! *herpderp*

Anywoozles. *bowbow*
It's fantastic. A fabulous, funny, and beautiful comic that doesn't take forever to or inconsistently updates. XDD
Gorgeous job. It's so cute and exciting so far.

Can't wait to read more!
Gah that second panel hurts my eyes. XDD;
I'm that blind, too, without my glasses.
This kind of a mess. ;_; Especially for how long it took me to update..

Ohhh ho ho ho XDD I so saw that coming, but still, poor guy.
*giggle* This is very good so far. :D
Gotta love Ike's reaction in the 7th panel. XDD
Page one I cheated like a sonnova gun on it. XD;;;

But hey if you look at the state Midgar is in, would you want to draw all that destruction? ;-;

I have mixed feelings about the last panel, but let me know what you think, what you like and what I can improve on.
Here we go, page 1. :)
Thanks for stopping by and reading!
Edit: Modified the background.
Aww! Babyface, panel 3. So cute! <3
She reminds me of Momma from The Waterboy. XDDD
Fuh-lipped. XDDD

It's good he's taking a stand for himself, especially against Dmitri.
Ohh what a chiller. 83