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I'm a Lolita Princess...ok I wish, I love Gothic manga's. I HATE ZOMBIES!!! Except Rag Dolls, there cute.^_^. As Twisted as I may seem I'm atchully pretty positive, so no I don't cut me, I'm no Emo, though I dress like a Goth and Black happens to be my favorite Character.
I have a Deviant art account and I go by CreepyGretel ,I like the name and my friends like to poke fun at me for it. I mostly chose that name because my art style is dark and I love fairy Tales, especially gothic twisted one's.
I also have a Gaia account, only I go by Shine Rose on there, Black Rose was already taken.
Ok now about this site Username. I love anything with Grim Reapers, thus DeathAngelReaper.
My favorite Book is Alice in Wonderland
My hobby's include, darwings, zoning out to tunes and daydreaming at the same time,surfing the web, editing my art, sining, working on my UTAU ((If you know what that is look me up on You Tube, I go by Shinerose)).
Favorite Band would Linkin Park
I just graduated High School and almost in College if only I can pass that stupid accuplacer test.
So if you like Goth, Lolita or any of the things I've said let's talk, I need friends on here...
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    Caryn Murray
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I think what I found most interesting, with three wives, he only had sons, that guy must have some gift.
Well i'm not surprised, the picture totally deserves the win. I can't wait for the next story. ^W^
things are getting interesting
I'm not gonna lie I laughed, mostly cause I like the shock on his face. LOL
I want to enter if you do one ^w^
Yeah Niya needs a story, one that makes him the hero for once. You could always go with the story Sleeping beauty for him
this comic rocks, LOL
Kitten Fwace LOL
This school scares me, makes me glad I've already graduated high school.
I love it, Ursule my favorite
Been awhile hasn't, sorry abou the lack of updates, been busy with work and stuff. But I thought I post something, so I drew Lina saying thank you to everyone who reads my comic on smackjeeves and Deviant. At the current moment I have more readers on Deviant art.
I love both these characters
That you'll find out soon.
Ichiro is my fave, the bookish types are always cute. ^w^
Sounds fun I'll join in too
I love edmund's desin, i love demonic guys wearing bely shirts and short. LIke a girl..I mean like a Man. LOL
I love this page. LOL
This Emily's Reaper form. Cool huh. It's not that different from the origina;l. I added the cool stripes on her arms and legs, and got rid of the cape, it was to much with the already long hair. So yeah. But anyway more comics coming soon, just need to ink them first.
I really love this story so far
I love how twisted your story is. LOL