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I like drawing manga XD
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    Christopher O
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ur style is really nice XD
Love the detail and perspective
This sounds interesting :D But just something I thought might be of advice is; to show not tell. For instance, instead of long spread text, narrate along with pictures so people can feel more absorbed into the world from the get-go. Anywho, it's fine like this as well, i suppose. Just thought it'd be more effective the former way.
Keep it up :D
:D I love these. You might've actually changed my opinion of comic strips. These are really good. Keep at it. SEND IT TO A NWESPAPER!!!!! XD
Wow, i love your style, its wicked, keep it up!!:D
could you review my manga:

It needs more detail I know, but im improving on it

its read: right to left btw
it's hard to tell whether this was drawn with a tablet or by hand coz of the gradient.

Its still awesome though :D
you style is amazing, love it!!! GREAT WORK!!
this cover is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!, great work!!!!!!!!
i like your style, and your paneling as well, keep it up, this page is my fav at the moment