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I'm a 13 year-old Writer, Actor, Voice Actor, and Director. I've written a number of Plays, Short Films, and Comics. I've voiced as a number of characters in Machinimas and Re-Dubs.

"Remember that time, at that place, with that guy, and we did that thing. I'll never forget it!" -Reuben Tishkoff of Ocean's Eleven
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This is what i got for Secret Santa
November 11th, 2010
Calling All Writers!

I am in need of a co-writer for an upcoming superhero comic.

If your interested pleas PM me

Should I keep coloring this way or no?
Why didn't Elecman stomp on Shadowman or something?
wow! Those were really good!

Although it might have been a bit hard to interpret of whats going on. So i'll summarize it...

It is during the Blitzkrieg bombing in England. Deces is part of the French Military, and he hears the Air Raid sirens. He waks up and sees whats going on, he puts on his military suit and runs outside. He looks over a hill and see that the whole town is burning. He trips down the hill and breaks his foot. He tries to crawl to the safehouse but a bomb lands on him before he could.
Your favorite Gir quotes from Invader ZIM all bundled up into ONE webcomic!
Hey charming, how much have you done? Did you finish the pages i sent you?
also how do you zoom a picture?

The onyl problem is, that the sprites I want to change have a lot of the same colors for different thigns, but i want them as different colors.
Then stop bitching about it and make an intro!
He's thinking so thats why its in black and white.
Dude that room has already been taken

Probably because Luke and I started the Chaos Emerald plot. Plus the other one died, a while ago.
Anways I drew this is my Critical Thinking Class, and so yeah. The cartoon at the bottom is what happened when I was caught.

I Fail at Art
I think many people has misinterpreted the Chaos Emerald thing.

It originally started as a way for Luke to change his sprites, once he did that I also wanted to change my crappy sprites into good TWEWY sprites. Then (I beleive) i posted the Shinigami Part one thing, that was only meant for TWEWY recolors (or edits) to be Shinigamis.

Then the Chaos Emerald fad started. Now I understand Zach doing it, and Chao doing it because they've been doing SH for awhile, but people who haven't even made an intro yet and they want to use a Chaos Emerald, is kinda ridiculous.

I was not trying to be a nudge!
How do you get the Secondary Color?