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Elizah Kami
Elizah Kami
January 26th, 2015
I always liked B&W better anyways
I lied.
But now I'm back in the groove
lets just see how long this lasts
Elizah Kami
November 2nd, 2014
lat page whoops
I promise I'll make up for this
Elizah Kami
October 20th, 2014
No BG because it was hard enough to color this page as-is. I fixed the prince's hair, though, maybe I'll go back and fix it on the previous page so it won't be wonky anymore. Eventually. Sorry for being late.
Elizah Kami
October 12th, 2014
Bubble Trouble
My program quit three times while I was trying to do speech bubbles istg.
Elizah Kami
April 22nd, 2014
Stephanotis Floribunda.
Elizah Kami
April 14th, 2014
Sorry imma lazy bum
I swear I'm working on an actual page it's almost done
im so sorry djfghslfjg
Chapter Cover
Yes hello
haha now you get to see her leg
it was like that the whole time
Elizah Kami
December 25th, 2013
Launch wow frick
I swear to god this page alone ate my new tablet tib haha
Merry Christmas and Merry Crowned Launch! I've decided on the style that we're going with, and I think we'll be Black and White from here on out, with apology pages and holiday pages being in color. That said, I have no idea about my release method.
Well, wallow in the joy that is the first page.
Long time no update
I have neglected my webcomics so much fdgkjl ;n;
no backgrounds today, sorry
This page is simple, because the next page has bricks.
Decided to Switch coloring styles.
Now, the coloring style is easier, quicker, and honestly- it looks better. Ahh, sorry for making this comic so dead D:
Chapter two has started!<3
Let's get some progress up in here!
Two More before Chapter Two
Two more pages left in this chapter~
not including this one.
If you google "Dwaas" You'll get another plot twist!! D:
Background Lazy~

The new Cover
We needed a new one, also replaced the Cover for A+S a few months back C:
Hillita is pondering whether Easter tricked her and told her to say something inappropriate or if it's really going to help her. Plainly put.

sorry it's late (even though i only have one fan *sobsob*, but i will stay true to that one fan and not abandon this!)

and i got lazy n backgrounds too (OTL IM SO SORRY OnO)
Okay so I love this page and all, but it just took TOO DANG LONG.

anyways, Cameos~
The Ebony Bunny in the front of the market is Anna from my other Webbie~
The Tigress behind Anna is from TwoKinds
The two Kitties looking at Jewelry is Lucy and Maishul from Bittersweet Candy Bowl
uhh....the PuppyDog walking by the store is Riona, from WhiteNoise
The two girls at Stacy's Rug shop is Chloe and June from 1,2,3 step!


oh and the Dog who owns the Rug shop is STACY~
She's a Rat-Terrier and Dalmatian mix. She's a character in this comic 8D