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I is awesome.
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AT LAST! Was worth the wait, though :)
The Finger
About the hand and the pointing: should do an "Uncle Sam wants you!" parody, or whatever the British equivalent is.
What Atticus is probably thinking: KHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!
lol I had to think about panel 3 for a few seconds. Nice reference hehe.
While giving a kid a pokeball and forcing him to deliver it by refusing to give him pokeballs mights sound stupid, you have to ask yourself: since when have you felt sure enough of your catching capabilities to only carry around one of those unreliable things?

Sidenote: I don't see what's stopping Atty from just going to the Pokemart in Pewter. He could easily handle that old man and burn down Viridian Forest.
Most published manga i read aren't any better quality than what you can do without shading, so you're not really sacrificing too much quality. And, personally, I'd like to see more of Atticus's adventures :3
Hehe, was wondering when we'd see that band-aid (or plaster or w/e) again.
How many bug catchers did he have to beat up to pay for those cigs? lol
gratz on 2000! Loved the game footage, too. Nice touch.