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Lol, awwe poor stacy.

OMG 100 COMICS!! -Celebrates-
"Forgets to eat" <--- :O

Awesome character lol

Poor Stacy... </3
GAH!! I wanna post something >.>

Waiting on Kitsumiti xD
WOOT! I liek this guy <3
Lokii! <3
Loki is awesome :D
-Massive Nosebleed-
Awwee Poor Liam <3
Lol Same here :P
Can't wait to put his intro up. ^^

@ Inxerene: LOL I would love to see that xD

@ GrayxClaire: Is it just me or does everyone want to tease him? LOL
LOL Mess with him all you want,
he doesn't kill THAT easily <3

And long as no one is clinging to him it's okay. :P
Sniffles, My last character.

Name: Gammi
Age: He forgot.
Gender: Male
Race: Darkened Lord
Personality: Sadistic, Masochistic, Mysterious
S.O: Who ever catches his eye, so yeah, Bisexual.
Likes: Blood, Pain, Darkness, Rubber Ducks
Dislikes: Vampires, Idiots, Clingy people
Bio: Not much is known about him, but he does have an unusual fondness for rubber ducks.
Other: He can Morph his body, create illusions and so much more. ;D
Okay, we're allowed to change the look right? 'Cause I can draw him better this way. It was actually my original Idea.
Lol Everyone's Claiming already xD