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I like to draw and paint all sorts of things also I love taking picture of the out doors.
September 10th, 2009
He is goning to glomp him I just know it !!
I learned somthing...can you tell?
Tell me all what do you all think about the story so far? ^-^
sorry about not submitting I finaly got my computer to work So look forward to lots of pages!
OOOOooooo I cant wait to see what will happen ! but you know she didnt have to go that far cause I think he is catching on also didnt she kiss him cause she thought it was Aleks?
sorry for lame texting somthing up with my computer but it will fixed soon.
first page I will try to upload one at least every other day.
had to put a black and white one
Tell me what you think. ^_^
I thinks the reason she has more back bone is cause of kitty blood because she is acting like her and she really is not feeling like her self But I agree it is very wrong for him to ask her that when she not feeling well and ask sudely too.
Awwww I loved the story it was very good I also love your drawing style. ^-^