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Interests/Likes/Hobbies: Art (Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Craving wood and clay, Photography) Anything that involves Pokemon (cards, games, watching the episodes, etc.), Anime, Music, Musical Theater (Acting, Singing, Dancing) Piano, Guitar, Writing, Family, Friends, making things (Scrapbooking, Sewing, Knitting, etc), my "fat cat" named Simba. :3

Thats all I feel like sharing.
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I <3 Sliver.

I'm love how this turned out. ^^
By the way I should point out that me and my friends are in this comic. Sam is futured in this volume, I'll be appearing in volume 2. Me and Sam are two of the three main characters.
I love Silver. ^^
Well this is the Table of Contents for my Pokemon Manga. The reason their is a bunch of question marks behide the word "Page" is because I don't know how long each chapter would be. I could have drew Vulpix better though...
I love your comic, its funny and makes me laugh. ^^

This would have to be my favorite page so far, because it immediately made my laugh. ^^