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Well my name is Scarlett or Koneko on the internet. I'm 15 and in nineth grade.
I enjoy playing basketball.
I'm kinda accident prone.
I like all types of Manga

I also really enjoy playing video games! My favorites are the entire Zelda series, Harvest Moon (and Rune Factory) series and most of the Final Fantasy series.
If you have any collabs, let me know, I love joining them and working on them with others.
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Sounds like a good plan! o7o)b
Well, if you guys are up for reviving this bad boy, or just starting over fresh, I'd be completely up for that. o7o)b
Um.. Um... um.. uh.. hi?
So, I was just looking through old art and found some pages from this;;;
Which led to me wanting to draw something;;
But.. uh, feel free to just ignore me and continue on with your lives.
This is probably dead anyways;;
*hides head and flees*
*attempts to remember what was going on, so I can make a page in the near future...*
First time I've been on Smackjeeves in like... I don't even know how long. Wish I could remember what was going on... ; o ;
I wish I could update right now... But I'm in the middle of studying for my exams... I still have 3 more to do... I shouldn't even be on the computer right now. :D Imma rebel :P
ASDFGHJKL!!!! Updates! :D Now I have to backtrack to remember what's happening XD
Can I take page 18? :)
Name: Sokei Onsei
Age: 16
Specialty Genre: (Pop, Electro, etc.) Pop
Teacher: (You may choose any, but just one.) Kasane Teto
Are You in the Club?: (Only one of your characters can in it.) Yes~
Personality: Usually optimistic, but her mood can change very quickly. She has a bad problem with being alone, the thought of it makes her break down, so she tries to surround herself with lots of people. Teases people a lot and is a bit of a daredevil, it terms of doing stupid things
History: Sokei was a prototype when Vocaloids were first being developed, but being one of the first created there were alot of glitches and problems with her. After Miku and the other first Vocaloids were created, Sokei was quickly removed. Luckily for her though, one of the creators decided to take her home and try to make her work properly, he was able to remove most of the glitches and errors, but a few still remain. He soon decided it would be best to send her off to the Academy for special training.
Extra Notes (Quick Info and some other Tidbits.) Underneath her sleeve is a P for prototype. Her character item is grapes. Cannot play instruments or dance at all (she looks like a drowning duck)

I'M BACK! :D And this time Sokei has poofy shorts :D Because poofy shorts are waaaay more awesome than skirts :D
Also! This is just a sketch for now. I'm extremely busy with school projects that this was all I was able to come up with. When things calm down I'll post a nice picture. Now, I have to go and work a HUGE pile of english homework
Awesome! Uh listen, I drew up my character and all but I left it at school so I won't be able to get it until tomorrow... D:
Oh shnap.... I totally forgot bout this.... D: I had better start drawing.
It's bee awhile since we've heard from Adam and Addie. XP
Sad to know everything is going to be deleted :( But i got everything saved to my drive anyway. Or is there anyway we could keep it up for archive purposes? If not, I'll get over it. I suppoosee I'll just get started on redesigning Sokei. :) It's been awhile and feels great to be back :D
Not a fan of Glee, but I had to much fun here so I'll join the new one. And bring my characters. It'll be fun to draw them again :)
Did he change back? oUo
Just Ethel saying she doesn't like that body and asking if she looks fat. XD
Well since only Axel came prepared everyone else will have to suffer! It just makes things more interesting! :D
D: It's a great movie! You must see it the moment it comes out to DVD! :D
Ffff~ Kind of reminds me of the new Harry Potter movie! Anybody seen it? It came out a few months ago! :)