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April 18th, 2011
Well look at that terence has the same color eyes as sifris upper classman fantasy girl!
lol it like they were trying to turn you into a sandwitch

i can relate i had simualar feelings about my church camp experiance
February 21st, 2011
i love demon expression 'eat her face eat her face' i lol'd
yah page.

i'm just so happy *tear*
I just keep on falling more and more in love with comic keep it up!

do you sell copies of this i would be intersted in buying a copy!
I love the nagle of the last panel nicely done!
i think i see ultimate torture in those eyes
such cute moment. that girls diffently my fav charater now
he's so sad :( great comic!
i love this comics style and the story it's real different from anything i've read on smackjeeves yet also it's has same funny moments i realy love it!
:( aww i liked the long hair
made him look more dangerous
the suspence what will happen next
i' so happy i thought i would never see this again
oh how i've missed the insanity and creepy content
i love the big black guys sarcastic looks
that was a neat trick
i like how thi sis ealy building up
if i have to give same criticism though his hand is very well not detailed or filled in good job on the story though
why do they call people number it kind of..SEROUSLY creepy
i do i do
who are they want do they want
wow his day just got really bad