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[color=purpleand techno music. and of course screamo xD

Getting gum on the bottom of my shoes
country and rap music
cleaning up messes

oh and if anyone know the name of this online comic please tell me!!
its about this girl at a church school, and this new girl with blonde hair comes to school and they fall in love blah blah blah. and the mc chick friend is this guy who is gay and has green hair. i would say more but i dont want to ruin it... so if ANYONE knows please tell me!

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ah i cant wait for the next page. lol i hate it when people leave cliffhangers like that!
Thanks xD
yeah i update twice on weekends, but sometimes i get bored, so ill post randomly. but i wont be able to update this weekend so im posting a few now.
i was just curious, do you draw your comics trditional or cg?
anyway i love all your comics xD
this features
yeah this has the four main characters. but the main main characters are lori and mona. yeah that was kinda short but other will be longer.
as i put in the comic i suck ass at drawing pictures from side view. maybe ill learn how someday. and lol lori isnt suppsoe to look like a short little kid. she is suppose to look cool and older xD
yeah sorry the background color always changes, and so do all the other colors like hair and stuff, im gonna fix that in the upcoming ones.
so today im going to post a few more comics because its the first day and all :3 and plus im making up for the days im going to miss this weekend because im flying to missouri and i wont be able to update them since i have to spend time with my family.
first chapter
lol yeah unless im really bored my comics are in black and white :]
Lmao i couldnt really read the handwriting and then i understood and i started laughing so hard xD