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I'm just a dude, you know. A canadian dude who likes videogames, anime, and other nerdy stuff, to be more specific. I'm also a dude who is arrogant enough to think he has a modicum of drawing and writing talent. so here I am, making a webcomic. Hopefully Nexus isn't like anything else in the gaming webcomic scene. I'm too lazy to google all the possible terms to describe it so I honestly don't know. Don't get me wrong, I care, but not enough to do actual work.
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sorry 'bout the delay. I've been working on other things, including another comic that should be up soon.
thought I'd do something special for this one. unfortunately, smack jeeves is an asshole, so instead you get a postage stamp sized low rez GIF. if you want to see the full version on this site, you can donate for me (if that's your cup of tea.) once I get the code I'll be more than happy to do a commission of anything your heart desires.

Otherwise you can find it over at my DeviantArt
under the same name (cutscene!). The movie clips (heads and ducks) are animated and it has actual pauses and shit (if the enter button doesn't work to go forward, just right click and hit play, my actionscripting is somewhat shitty). by far the superior version. check it out.
hooray for timed releases!
certainly makes it easier to keep a schedule. Finally the enigmatic pac man begins to shine some light on our hero's situation. just what is going on here? the suspense is killing me.

well, not really, I am writing it after all. But it's probably eating you up inside, wondering what's going to happen next.
What can I say? I'm exceedingly lazy. When this posts I'll be at a week long game design intensive at the vancouver film school. hopefully my future self will find that it was worth the down payment.
And then before you know it he's using them to insult people. bless his widdle heart.
your drawings are good. just learn to ink. also, get some blank paper to draw on and scan in black and white. it will look sooooo much better.
lucky you
Because I'm feeling so generous (and because this comic makes no fucking sense with just the introduction) I'm giving you two comics for the price of one! (for the record, that price is free, but who's counting?

also, I just realized my title totally makes this sound like a comic about gambling. fuck.
It Begins
So, as the titles suggests, it begins. This is the start of a gaming webcomic that I'm hoping will be a nice change of pace from the standard "two guys play games and talk too much" formula. Anyway, I hope you guys have as much fun reading it as I do making it. updates will come out tuesday/wednsday-ish hopefully. I'm not willing to commit to anything just yet, so let's just say "more frequent than vgcats" and leave it at that.