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I draw stuff. Yeah. That's really all I do, except not really.


Stop reading this now.
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Atty. There's this new thing. It's called staying dry.
I feel bad for laughing at that 4th panel.
Hm... Maybe the circle on the pokeball mask could act a kind of cybernetic eye for the person wearing it or something. Like give them a cool HUD inside the mask :O

Or something
Could it be that mask guy? Because that's what I've been looking forwards to.
Since you haven't made a ton of crits on yourself recently: Your eyebrows are getting thick. Really dark and thick.
You don't have to worry about the smoke. Since they're in mountains, the wind will shift about every as-soon-as-you-notice.
I am definitely using that top right pose for dragonthingplz.

Oh, and Khan didn't even flinch that DT just slashified his Nidoran.
DT is adorable on this page. I need to use one of these for dragonthingplz.
Either he's seriously trying to get attached, or he's about to equip a lizard flail.
I luv drawing Atticus. Except for his sweater. SO MANY LINEZ.
I looked, no new issue. I go immediately to DeviantArt, new issue. wat

And I knew it! It's the guy with the Pokeball mask. :D
Is that the guy with the pokeball mask? :O I want it to be.

And you changed the banner! :OOO

I saw that you uploaded it to your Deviantart. :D
April 19th, 2010
Ohmahgosh. It's the brown duck thing that's just all right. :D
Why haven't I noticed "And being Jail Bait" on the Belle Vent wanted poster until now? LOL
But-but... Kahn's sister's a cast member. D: *shot*
Hmm... What was that last comment I put on the last issue? Some about 'calling Kahn saving him' was it?

I can barely look at 'that' panel without at least grinning.
Kahn saves him. I'm calling it.