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oh god i dont know what im doing anymore help
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Dregan hates us all and Bar'd is cancelled. He doesn't actually have a job. He's too busy playing Sentinels of the Multiverse and creating dumb characters to want to update. What a nerd.
September 14th, 2017
Dregan got to watch me make this one. I updated sooner than Bar'd. Fuck yea.
I wonder where you got the name from... we'll never know.
@Dregan: hold on im updating the page
Oh man!
I've been busy. Here's a comic. It was quick and I was lazy and just needed to update. Expect somewhat better quality for the next one.
oh boy!
Don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys!
On the next page we will be introduced to Chilly Peppar. And other special guests. Oh boy!
Oh boy oh boy!
This one took me longer then I care to admit. Man I'm surprised I'm having fun making comics again. Gonna be a few more pages until you see Chilly. SOON MY CHILDREN.
@MyNameIsGadda: Well there's such thing as a prologue, Gadda. I understand that you might not know how good of a word man I am, but these are used to tell backstory. The chili pepper is coming.
Boom, Headshot
@Dregan: Chili Knight is the only job available. Forever.
And so it begins!
Today's game reference is Final Fantasy III. Even though this is the millionth time I've restarted Plot Twist, I consider this the third era. Or something. Whatever. It's starting again and I'm concerned for my health. And your health.

Updates whenever I damn well feel like it.
Here's a game, see how many characters you recognize!
Hey Look a Cover!
I did a thing to bring this more in line with new SJ. This took a decent chunk of time. So, good news. The actual pages are being written (gasp) and the HTML will be updated tomorrow, with new navigation bars and the like. Be ready for proper comic updates by the end of the month!
You can't escape me, raccoon!
So turns out I can't quit you, Plot Twist. I'm going to work on updating the HTML of the site, and while that's happening I'm gonna be making comics! So expect none of the characters characterizations to be in this comic, a multitude of well jokes, and a lack of feet. Also Kirby backgrounds. A lot of Kirby backgrounds. Also send me your cameos woooo.
What if... Tails turns into a dog?
His name is probably Dongs. Dongs REO Speedwagon.
Plot Twist is in the same Universe. Spoilers.
I like my coffee how I like my women...
Tied up and screaming in the attic.