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I figured since I can't exactly get around to coloring the chapter front page just yet, this would be a good way of passing time bro. .u. ~ Ask away if you want. eue
Awwww xD Shiki~ That looks good Para~ >3< and a Happy New Years to you too! ouo
So yeah. Relax~ t=u=t++
that looks like a chidori . - . wtf //shot
LOLOL Good one~ B,D That works awesomely eue //shot
YES...finally . __ .
I'm sorry it's not the same pencil ink pages I do. =u=; If you like this new kind of look for the updates plz leave a comment saying so. eue it'd be much easier to do it on SAI . __ . uhhggg

PS: Be sure to check out all the new FanArts QAQ //finallyputthemup ;;u;; <33
.3. ...... idk....Aki's stupid ...And roku is .-. idk //shot
Sounds fine to meh xD lol
Woot Woot~! B,D lol //loves
Weeeee~ >U< YAAAY~ <3 I love this so hard man .3. //shot

The art is awesome QuQ <333 Lol curious Shiki eue
I think Haru explained things well~ QuQ ~ You all have been so great and have no fears! I will continue this story. ;u; b
Sorry it's not an update but one is coming very soon! QUQ <3333333

sorry for the shittiest hand writing ever eue;;;
Aki will cling to anyone when she's scared.. ._.; As long as they're close~ BD

I'm sorry for being so dead lately~ ;u; <333
PFFFt Roku's a freak~ BD //SHOT
PFFFFF! Poor Roku! xDD Awws~ Shiki's so nice about it some how~ QuQ Lol
Sorry for the long wait again~ =u=;;
I took a little break due to school work.
Please ignore the crappiness of this update~ Q3Q
I should be able to update more often like I use to now~ =u= THANK YOU ALL FOR THE COMMENTS AND FAVS WHILE I WAS OUT! QAQ I LOVES YOU!! >3< <33333333
Fufufu~ Oh Koko~ eue;
YAY pages~ QAQ //lateashell~
I'm sorry I've been dead ;u; The pages are awesome btw~ I'll hopefully have one soon. >u>
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! <3333 //lateashell!

I know it's not the next page ,but no worries~ It's coming very soon~ ;D
So for now here is a (late) V-Day pic~ QuQ //loves
PFF~ Oh dear~ >u<
I guess anything is possible at this point. D,: